NFT Insider x AtomicHub


NFT Insider x AtomicHub

Today, (the company behind AtomicHub) acquired NFT Insider! What does this mean, what changes will you see, and where does the future lay for the both of us?


Note 1: This will be fairly long. Whilst there’s plenty of detail to divulge and a story to tell, there is a tl;dr at the bottom of this article if you’d prefer.
Note 2: I’ll be using and AtomicHub interchangeably throughout this article. To be clear, they are one and the same.

It all started in March of this year.

I’d been dabbling in WAX NFTs for a month or so, buying the odd piece here and there, hanging out in the Telegram groups, and familiarising myself with the community. I quickly found a few artists whom I was following religiously (shoutout to OxO, Digital Ducks and CREEK), and each of their drops, whether I was at work, with friends or if it was 4am – I’d be on top of it. 

As my list of favourite artists grew, my ability to keep on top of so many drops started to wane. I needed to find a diary, a calendar… a drop schedule. I looked everywhere, but try as I might, I couldn’t find one. Huh. I guess I’ll make one myself!


Our first drop schedule was published to Instagram on 28th March. I couldn’t just publish a schedule once a week though, so I started to highlight artists, individual drops and other WAX news, as well as starting to design my own NFTs.

This led to the launch of on 1st May, and for the past 4 months, I’ve striven to contextualise and champion the very best of the WAX blockchain. From our drop schedules and interviews to more recent avenues such as WAX Lyrical and Behind the Art, my goal has always been to shout loud and proud about this fantastic community, the wonderful artists within it, and the blockchain we call home.

Starting today, I can take that to a whole new level.


Up til now, I’ve been running NFT Insider part-time, largely on my own (Zarroba and my Discord mods; you guys have been simply outstanding right from the very start. Thank you!). Every weekday, I get up at 6am, work in my full-time role from 9-5, then come home and work on NFT Insider til 1-2am. Sleep is somewhat of a luxury!

In my previous update, I’d mentioned that my goal was to be able to serve the WAX community full-time. Quite honestly, that was a comment made in passing – a line I thought most would gloss over. What I never would’ve expected is for to reach out to me.

One thing led to another, and after many late-night emails, Zoom calls and a lot of consideration, we shook virtual hands on a deal.

What does this mean?

NFT Insider is now wholly-owned by, and I am now a member of the team.

Alongside continuing to run NFT Insider, I will be taking on a community role, acting as a key bridge between the core AtomicHub team and you awesome people!

In practice, this means I’ll be able to pass the latest updates from the AtomicHub team onto you, and I’ll pass any feedback and suggestions from you guys onto the team. This is a win-win-win; your voices are heard, you’ll be kept in the loop of any developments, and AtomicHub will continue to improve every day!

What will change?

All of the content on NFT Insider will continue as normal, with me at the helm. Schedules, interviews (written and video), articles – you name it, we’ll continue doing it!

In fact, now that I’ll be working within the WAX space full-time (from September 10th), I’ll be able to dedicate more time to the development and curation of a variety of new pieces of content! I have so many ideas that I’ll be able to completely devote myself to, all with the aim of benefitting the community, and I can’t wait to share these with you.

One important point to note is that the team will have no editorial control over what I choose to publish on NFT Insider. Whatever is happening in the space, if it’s something you guys should know about, I’ll be covering it – no questions asked.

Regarding our NFTs, for the time being, all of the drops under the nftinsiderio collection will be free-of-charge, until we can sort the taxes out. Our Interview Card drops will continue as normal, as well as our monthly Interview Card blends, with the same rewards. Planned use cases and utilities have not changed.

The max mint of each Interview Card will stay at 150. OG Backers will be airdropped 1 card each, Promo Holders will have 45 cards to fight for, and the remaining 75 will be public.

Where does the future lay for NFT Insider and AtomicHub? are aiming to make quality content a key part of what they do. NFT Insider will play an important role in that, and you’ll start to see the integration in the coming weeks.

The aim, as always, is to provide the community with all of the context, information and tools you need to navigate and enjoy your time in the WAX NFT space to the fullest extent, and to enhance your experience within this community!

The next chapter in the story of NFT Insider started today, and it’s a chapter full of ambition, potential and purpose. I’m hyped to show you guys what I’ll be able to provide to the WAX community as a part of the team!

Before, now, and in future, the aim of NFT Insider remains the same:

Our aim is to make everyone’s experience of the WAX community that little bit better. Whether that’s working with quality artists to highlight their work, providing collectors with the information and context they need to make informed purchases, or shining a spotlight on the fantastic content made by other personalities in the WAX space, our aim will never change.

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to speak straight from the heart for a moment.

It blows me away to think that what started as a single Instagram post has grown into what NFT Insider is today.

I’m 23 years old, and very much finding my place in the world. In NFTs, in WAX, and in this community, I feel like I’ve found my home.

To every single one of you – thank you. It’s an absolute honour and privilege to interact with you all each and every day, whether that’s in my DMs, across Discord or Telegram, or simply through my tweets. I cannot wait to pledge my all into serving this community, and helping to make every second you spend on WAX that little bit better.

To Jona, Fabian and the rest of the team – I’m lost for words at being offered this incredible opportunity. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

Have any questions? Hop into the NFT Insider Discord and ask away!

If you’d like to keep up to date with me personally from now on, you can follow my new Twitter and Instagram.

We have a beautiful, golden chapter ahead of us, but the book itself is still young. This is only the beginning!

Stay cosy,


tl;dr: AtomicHub have acquired NFT Insider. It will continue as normal, with me at the helm. AtomicHub have no editorial control over the content. AtomicHub want to make quality content a big part of what they do, and NFT Insider will play a major part in that – you’ll start to see the integration in the coming weeks. For the time being, all future Interview Card drops will be free-of-charge – drops & blends will continue as normal, and planned use cases/utilities have not changed. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in our Discord.