Blockchain Bulletin: September 6 – September 12

The birth of cross-collection packs, 100 Boneheads hits the halfway point, and $WAXP’s listing with Crypto.com – Hydro breaks down these hot topics on WAX, and offers his thoughts!


Blockchain Bulletin is a new weekly series from NFT Insider. Every Monday, Hydro will cover the biggest stories from the past week, and take a look at events coming up on the horizon, giving you the details you need and offering up his opinions as well!

We’ll wrap up each of these pieces with our Track of the Week – highlighting a piece of music available on the WAX blockchain.

NeftyBlocks Cross Collection Pack


This Tuesday at 19 UTC, holders of a Nefty Pioneer Pass and any of the three Betsy NFTs from last week’s Community Sale will be able to blend their pass to receive a Cross Collection Pack.

Taken from their whitepaper;

The Cross Collection Pack contains NFTs native to partnered collections. Many of those NFTs can be used in the top games of the WAX blockchain, including R-Planet, Uplift World, WAX Arena and many more. One Golden Betsy with 32000 $NEFTY is included in the Cross-Collection Packs!

Each pack will contain 3 NFTs, with 23 of the top collections on WAX committing NFTs to this pack, including Ultra Rare, the CryptoMoonies, and CryptomonKeys.

The 2nd Golden Betsy, worth 32,000 $NEFTY – the platform’s proprietary utility token – will also be hidden inside one of these packs.

Opinion: This is a groundbreaking moment for project collaborations and community-wide events moving forwards – Nefty are really on to something with the cross-collection concept. I have been surprised up to this point that we’ve seen few next-level uses of Nefty’s creator suite by artists, but last week’s pack drop and this blend really show the power behind the tools Nefty has developed. I’m very much looking forward to see how creators and Nefty themselves take the cross-collection idea in future!

Boneheads hits 50

Boneheads The 50th Bonehead Pack

Acclaimed artist and animator Robert Bohn hits the halfway point of his 100 BONEHEADS Collection with a unique pack drop, this Wednesday at 20:44 UTC

Bohn, the creator of SWAMS on Adult Swim and Liverspots and Astronots on Facebook Watch, has been minting on WAX for almost 6 months, kicking-off 100 BONEHEADS in late March this year – a set of 100 unique, animated, hand-drawn characters, inspired by the vibrant world of 90’s cartoons.

100 packs will be available at 100 WAX each, each containing 3 possible Heads between the numbers of 043 and 050. With rumours of a surprise in-store for a lucky few pack openers, these are sure to be a hot property.

Opinion: Rob’s art is unquestionably some of the funkiest on WAX, with 100 BONEHEADS perfectly encapsulating his brand of in-your-face art. We’ve yet to see many artists take a slow burn approach to a collection in quite the same way as Bohn has here, and it’s creating some serious value for collectors. 100 BONEHEADS has been somewhat of a sleeper hit thus far, but that’s all set to change in the latter half. This is one collection I wouldn’t sleep on!

$WAXP hits Crypto.com


This past Friday morning, out of the blue came the news that $WAXP had become the latest cryptocurrency to be listed on Crypto.com – one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges.

Not even two weeks removed from the Binance listing that led to $WAXP now sitting at double the USD value than prior, these two listings make access to the WAX blockchain even easier for the community at large.

$WAXP currently hovers around the $0.35-$0.36 mark, with a solid 8-figure daily trading volume.

Opinion: Prior to the Binance and Crypto.com listings, one of the common criticisms of $WAXP was that it was relatively difficult to obtain for the US market. These past few weeks have gone some way to absolving those concerns. Ease of adoption is a key element in WAX’s quest to cement itself as The King of NFTs, and these listings certainly put WAX on the right track to live up to that self-styled moniker. This leaves Coinbase as the last bastion of the major exchanges yet to support $WAXP, and only time will tell when this last bastion will fall.

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to Win Win Win by Nathan (Love Is The Answer), produced by Grammy-nominated producer BangOut. To me, this is the bona-fide soundtrack of the WAX blockchain. Whether you’re a rap fan or not, I can assure you this YoshiDrops track will uplift your day.

Tap on the image to head to AtomicHub and give it a listen!

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