Blockchain Bulletin: November 8 – November 14

Train of the Century launch their beta, GeePeeKay collaborates with R2 Collectibles and Stabby Quack enters the Realms of Arkovia – here’s the biggest stories on WAX this week!


Train of the Century Beta


This Friday, locomotive-based blockchain game Train of the Century release their public beta.

Players will be able to use their Conductor, Locomotive and Rail Car NFTs to build and name their own trains, load them with various Commodities, fuel up and perform Rail Runs to earn Tocium, an in-game currency.

Various upcoming feature updates have already been outlined by the team, such as the ability to add additional Rail Cars, a Station Owner dashboard, NPC encounters and more.

Discover all you need to know about the beta here, and find out what updates are down the track here.

Opinion: Train of the Century has been chugging along (sorry) for some time having started way back in June of this year, and is a hotly-anticipated addition to the raft of WAX blockchain games hitting their beta phase in recent weeks. Their motto stands out to me; “under-promise and over-deliver”. We’ve seen games all too often promise the world and fall short, so I think it’s very smart of the Train of the Century team to take the opposite approach. I’m looking forward to taking part in the beta – and you should too.

GeePeeKay x R2 Collectibles


This Saturday at 19 UTC, leading Garbage Pail Kids reference and fansite GEEPEEKAY are collaborating with R2 Collectibles to launch a unique Collect ‘N Craft collection on WAX.

Two packs will be available; a Hobby Pack ($34.99 in WAX, containing 40 Body Parts) and a Collector’s Pack ($59.99 in WAX, containing 25 Blueprint and Object Cards).

Both packs also include 4 Subset Cards (Trashed and Selfie), with the latter also offering a chance at rare Miscut and Censored Cards.

Six matching Body Parts can be combined to create a static Level 1 Card, whilst Blueprints and Objects from the Collector’s Pack can be combined to create an animated Level 2 Card. A Level 1 and a Level 2 Card can then be combined to create a legendary Level 3 Card.

Discover the drop – and future burn events including the entire R2 back-catalogue – via the GEEPEEKAY x R2 website.

Opinion: From the Graffiti Kings to Kool Keith and now to GeePeeKay, R2 Collectibles have proven time and again that through collaborations, they can create wonderful collections. This release marks the start of Season 2 for R2, and a move towards higher scarcity, increased gamification and heightened incentives for their long-time collectors, and with staking infrastructure tabled for Q1 2022 alongside a plethora of other updates, the future looks bright for R2.

Realms of Arkovia x Digital Ducks


Also this Saturday at 18:30 UTC, Stabby Quack becomes a Hero via a collaboration between upcoming dungeon-crawler Realms of Arkovia and the cute-but-cutthroat Digital Ducks.

Realms of Arkovia (RoA) is a click-based fantasy RPG built on the WAX blockchain, slated for release on December 17th. Players can use their Hero, Weapon, Familiar NFTs and more to clear dungeon floors, increase their power, and loot rare NFTs.

Stabby Quack, the core character of the Digital Ducks collection, has become Stabby, the Flaming Quack within Realms of Arkovia. This promo Hero will be airdropped free to all RoA Arcane Key holders, or are available for 5 WAX each this Saturday.

Head to the Realms of Arkovia and Digital Ducks websites to find out more about these projects.

Opinion: The Digital Ducks were one of, if not the first NFT project that I really became a fan of on WAX, and to see Stabby Quack yet again brought into another world through a brilliant collaboration brings a smile to my face. Realms of Arkovia’s art style is superb – illustrations-meet-Hearthstone is the best way I can describe it. With gameplay screenshots set to release in a Medium article this Friday, this is one blockchain game I’m certainly keeping a close eye on.

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to Awake with a Dedication by Ammon, available as an NFT through cXc Music. The perfect chill rap to relax with after a busy day, Ammon wrote this song after a life-changing experience, and you can certainly feel his new-found spirit through the lyrics.

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on the secondary market!

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