Blockchain Bulletin: November 22 – November 28

GNO City hold their second Land Drop mere hours from now, Blade Runner: Black Lotus embraces the blockchain, and it’s Black Friday – here’s the biggest stories on WAX this week!


GNO City Land Drop


In a few hours time at 2 UTC (21 EST), GNO City will hold the second Land Drop for their play-to-earn blockchain game.

As discussed in our recent interview with co-founder Nick, GNO City expands on the NFTs from the Gnome Series and Complex Series collections to create a trading card-based game in which players can earn GNOKEN, an Alcor-tradable in-game token.

Players can race each other, enter PVP combat, and, through this land drop, be able to capture wild gnomes, alongside a host of other benefits.

Following a surge in demand for the first land drop, an additional 94 extra lands have been added to this second drop, bringing the total available in this second drop up to 350 land NFTs, priced at $150 USD in WAX each.

Find out more about this land drop via the drop page here.

Opinion: It’ll be hard to not repeat my praise for Nick at the end of our recent interview – so I won’t try. His passion to develop an engaging, unique play-to-earn experience is commendable, and as proven by the demand for the first land drop, his community certainly has faith in him too. From Gnome-based trading cards to the current racing and PVP modes, and now to a land sale for GNO City, all in the space of a year – who knows where this project could go next?

Blade Runner: Black Lotus


This Friday at 18 UTC, the second set of packs for the Blade Runner: Black Lotus series will be released on WAX.

Set in Los Angeles, 2032 – 10 years after the events of the Black Out 2022 animated short – this brand-new outing for the famed tech-noir franchise has us follow the character of Elle (voiced by Jessica Henwick) as she looks to regain her memories and discover who she really is.

This Friday, and across the next few weeks as episodes are released, 150 packs will be dropped, at the cost of $100 USD in WAX each. Each pack contains one NFT – either one of two show clips or one of four animated portrait shots – in one of four different rarities.

Included in the total pool of 25,000 NFTs up for grabs are 6 vIRL NFTs, which can be redeemed for collectibles pieces of physical art from chris (simpsons artist) himself.

Discover the full details of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus drops here.

Opinion: The resurrection of the Blade Runner franchise in 2017 with the live-action Blade Runner 2049 outing was met with widespread praise, and the multiple short films and comics that have followed have gained equal applause. Ahead of its time, the 1982 original holds cult classic status – and with this expansion into NFTs, the franchise has shown to be ahead of its time yet again. Partnerships such as this serve well in bringing new people into the WAX blockchain space, and judging by the success of the first drop, there’s a bevy of fans eager to get involved.

Black Friday


Following US Thanksgiving this Thursday, Friday marks the annual Black Friday shopping event – and a number of WAX creators have special themed drops lined up.

Firstly, at 17 UTC, CREEK has a mystery Black Friday drop lined up. Details are shrouded in secrecy, but we understand we’ll be meeting a familiar Black Friday face, as well as the return of hair on a Moonie…

Following that, gaming peripheral collection Hator.gg will be holding a unique Black Friday drop at 18 UTC. Once again, at this stage, the details are hazy, but following their recent vIRL drops for custom-engraved gaming hardware, there’s certain to be something noteworthy in store.

Discover the rest of the drops available this Black Friday via our drop schedule.

Opinion: Ahhh, the first true Black Friday on WAX. Demand may be high and transactions may be flowing – but at least we’ll be fighting via keyboards and touchscreens, and not tooth and nail in the aisles for real!

Cyber Monday follows three days after, and that seems much more fitting for the NFT space. I wonder if we’ll see any particular drops to celebrate…

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to When My Soul Escapes Away by God Sol One Love, available as an NFT through cXc Music. This blend of a Monroe-era old-timey backing track with free-flowing freestyle rap is an unexpected experiment with catchy, thoughtful results!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on the secondary market!

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