Blockchain Bulletin 16: December 20 – December 26

Blockchain Bulletin 16: December 20 – December 26

Gods & Legends release their Tower Defence beta, Noa Collectibles launch their TCG beta, and Realms of Arkovia launch their RPG alpha – here’s the biggest stories on WAX this week!


Gods & Legends Tower Defence Beta

The beta of the long-awaited Gods & Legends Tower Defence game released today at 4 UTC.

Collectors will be able to use their Gods & Legends NFTs to deploy heroes and build towers, fighting off wave after wave of enemies – and a few bosses too – in the classic Bloons-style.

Through gameplay, players will earn $GNL, Gods & Legends Alcor-tradeable fungible token, which can be used to purchase NFTs, revive heroes, upgrade your in-game heroes and towers and much more.

Find out more about the game, and how to enter the beta, here.

Opinion: Ahhh Bloons – my Miniclip days are calling me. There’s something inherently festive about Tower Defence games, don’t you think? I digress; this game is something the G&L team have been working on for many months now, and it’s fantastic to see it enter Closed Beta in time for the holiday season. The animations are smooth, the NFT integration is well-executed, and the Play To Earn elements look solid. I can see this being my go-to short break game over the festive period, and I’m looking forward to seeing the game develop further as they head towards a full launch.

Noa Collectibles TCG Beta

This Wednesday at 16 UTC, Noa Collectibles are launching the beta of their trading card game on WAX.

Collectors will construct decks from their Noa Collectibles NFTs – which have all been given in-game stats – and utilise various boosts to face-off against a slew of opponents in an idle card game experience.

In-game success rewards players with $NOA, an in-game fungible token which can be used to purchase a variety of NFTs and items, or traded for other tokens or WAX itself.

Discover the full details of the beta through the public preview video.

Opinion: Noa Collectibles is a project I’ve spoken positively of on a number of occasions, whether that be our original interview, recent Blockchain Bulletin‘s, or on stream. A TCG was the natural progression after 9 months of card drops, and it’s fantastic to see every card NFT in the collection thus far given utility through the game. We’ve seen plenty of card games hit the blockchain space this year, but none of them in this idle gameplay style, so I’m curious to see how the community will embrace this beta release – hopefully with aplomb.

Realms of Arkovia RPG Alpha

Also this Wednesday, at a time yet to be disclosed, Realms of Arkovia release the alpha of their dungeon-crawling play-to-earn RPG.

Those who own a Realms of Arkovia hero NFT will be able to immediately log in and try out their first Adventure Mode, Tralia Forest.

Players can equip a wide range of item NFTs in order to battle increasingly difficult waves of enemies, with each victory offering the player a chance to retreat safely for the chance at a Familiar NFT.

As players progress through the various instances, the chance of obtaining a rare Familiar increases, but beware: failing a battle will lose you this opportunity.

Learn more about the alpha launch via the Realms of Arkovia website.

Opinion: I went in-depth into this alpha release – including the lucrative rewards up-for-grabs for a few lucky early players – in last week’s Blockchain Bulletin, so I would advise taking a look at that. With everything now in tip-top shape and ready to go, I’m looking forward to exploring Tralia Forest for the first time and seeing what in-game exclusive Familiars I can get my hands on. If you’re a fan of dungeon crawlers, fantasy RPGs or an illustrative art style, give Realms of Arkovia a go!

Track of the Week

It’s Christmas time of course, and that means Santa is on his way – but he’s never driven the sleigh to this! This is a track by mBlu, combined with artwork by ROAR Digital featuring Yoshi, and is available as an NFT through YoshiDrops. This EDM version of the faithful classic will get you into the festive mood in a whole new way!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on the secondary market!

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