Blockchain Bulletin 17: December 27 – January 2

Coin Pirates release their gameplay Alpha, WarSpace drop their Premium Passes, and Costume Clash comes to Android – here’s the biggest stories on WAX this week!


Coin Pirates Alpha


Coin Pirates swashbuckling Alpha of their pirate-themed blockchain game went live today at 13 UTC.

Players can use their Coin Pirates NFTs to guide their ship across a real-world based map, searching for treasure, unpacking their crew NFTs and looting gold in a style reminiscent of browser-based pirate games of yore.

Gold, earned by treasure hunting (and in future through other in-game activities), is an Alcor-tradable fungible token, giving the game play-to-earn potential.

Find out more about the game, and set sail across the seven seas, here.

Opinion: I spent a good 15 minutes when writing this trying to remember the name of the browser-based pirate game I played an awful lot in my teens that Coin Pirates reminds me of – alas my memory escapes me. What doesn’t escape me is the fun sense of déjà vu that Coin Pirates gives me. Although the gameplay is relatively rudimental at the moment, there’s plenty of potential there, so it’ll be interesting to see how the game continues to develop over the coming months.

WarSpace’s Premium Passes


Starting this Wednesday at 19 UTC, upcoming P2E real-time strategy game WarSpace drop their first NFTs in the form of Premium Passes.

These Premium Passes act as whitelist tokens, guaranteeing holders the opportunity to purchase packs during the first major sale.

This Wednesday at 19 UTC, 250 passes will drop for 50 WAX, followed by 150 passes for 100 WAX on Thursday at 19 UTC, and wrapping up with 100 passes for 150 WAX on Friday at 16 UTC.

A further 300 Premium Passes have been reserved for giveaways, both within the WarSpace community and through associated partners.

Discover everything you need to know about WarSpace via their website.

Opinion: WarSpace burst onto the scene a few days ago, and with a countdown timer on their homepage just 15 days away, the next few weeks are bound to be fast-paced and action-packed. Real-time strategy is one of my favourite genres, and again, something we’ve not seen an awful lot of on WAX – or on any other blockchain – thus far, so I’ll very much be keeping a close eye on WarSpace as the timer ticks to zero.

Costume Clash’s Android App


This Friday at 12 UTC, play-to-earn racing game Costume Clash release their Android app.

The app will give players the full Costume Clash experience, with the ability to play both the racing and deathmatch modes on all the same maps as available in the PC browser-based version, both vs AI opponents and against other human players.

Costume Clash is cross-platform, meaning browser and app users will be able to go up against one another on track.

An iOS version is confirmed to be in the works, with a release date yet to be announced.

Learn more about the latest Costume Clash updates via their Discord.

Opinion: My love for Costume Clash and the team behind it is well-documented – through articles, interviews, and livestreams aplenty. Taking the game cross-platform with an Android app is a huge step, and will open up access to a whole bunch of users who were previously unable to take part. With the third racing map now live, there’s plenty for players to get stuck into – and if you want to see what it’s all about, I’ll be streaming all the new content this Wednesday at 19 UTC!

Track of the Week

2021 is coming to a close and 2022 is on it’s way, so it’s time for Auld Lang Syne… but you’ve never heard it like this before! This is a collab between mBlu, Yoshi and Kenn Bosek, combined with artwork by ROAR Digital, and is available as an NFT through YoshiDrops. There’s no better way to bring the groove into your New Year!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on the secondary market!

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Note: Next week’s Blockchain Bulletin will be a video once again – week beginning 3rd Jan. 2022!