Blockchain Bulletin: September 13 – September 19

An updated roadmap for Green Rabbit Game, Taylor Alexander partners with YoshiDrops, and Finney takes a trip to ETH – here’s the top stories on WAX right now!


This is the second instalment of the Blockchain Bulletin, a new weekly series from NFT Insider. Every Monday, Hydro will cover the biggest stories from the past week, and take a look at events coming up on the horizon, giving you the details you need and offering up his opinions as well!

We’ll wrap up each of these pieces with our Track of the Week – highlighting a piece of music available on the WAX blockchain.

Green Rabbit Game Updates


Green Rabbit Game, an early stage WAX dApp, released a Community Update this past week, outlining an updated roadmap with a raft of new dates for feature releases, taking us through to early 2022.

This capped off a turbulent week in the GRG community, as in the same week as this update – which included information on competitions, crafting, foraging, the Shell Store and the long-awaited Ultra-Anima Races – Nanotopia TV picked up steam, some internal team changes took place, and the Kyle Loza partner drop was pushed back by two weeks.

nVen0m noted that this update “has timelines we can and will achieve and feel confident of”. WAX is yearning for another dApp to join its higher echelons – will the GRG team be able to make that leap?

Opinion: All projects go through difficulties, not least ones on the scale of Green Rabbit Game. It’s refreshing to have seen them take a step back and re-evaluate their timelines, rather than push through half-baked concepts – something which happens all too often in project development – but they must stick to this updated timeline to retain the community support they have left. The update also provides a full staff list, and I was surprised to see the sheer scale of the team they have on board. Time will tell if GRG can go on to reach the heights they’re aiming for, but the fallout of the internal changes and the FUD that has developed will make it a tough mountain to climb.

Full details on the latest regarding GRG – which I highly recommend reading – are available in the #announcements channel of their Discord.

Taylor Alexander partners with YoshiDrops


Talented artist and musician Taylor Alexander is partnering with YoshiDrops on a set of NFTs dropping this Friday at 17 UTC.

Alexander, a journeyman of the LA music scene and creator of the Humanimals, has a voice that will simply melt your soul, and this Friday, you’ll have the chance to experience his voice for yourself, as YoshiDrops latest membership drop.

YoshiDrops has continued to go from strength to strength since their explosive debut on WAX earlier this year, and with artists such as Taylor and many, many more in the pipeline, their future sounds like music to our ears.

Opinion: Taylor’s music is passionate, soulful and just what we all need from time to time. YoshiDrops have surprised me so far with the sheer breadth of genres they’ve covered, from R&B and soul to rap and heavier tunes, and they’ve become a genuinely useful outlet – for myself at least – to discover new, talented artists. Yoshi has this eclectic mix of a relaxed, down-to-earth nature, but also a deep passion and drive to make his vision a reality, and from what I’ve seen so far, him and his project are definitely on the right track.

Finney heads to ETH

Finney NFTS on ETH

This Saturday at 23:59 UTC, Finney launches on ETH, with 10,000 unique, generative 1/1s up for grabs.

This marks the third blockchain to play host to our friendly gold explorer, after launches on EOS and WAX earlier this year.

The drop will be public, with each Finney costing 0.06 ETH each. The team has joined forces with an as-yet-unannounced generative art platform, to function as its inaugural drop – an intriguing element of mystery.

Once again, an upgrade mechanic is in play. Any 3 Finney’s can be burned to receive a Baremetal Finney (with 6 different metals and various rarities possible), and the burning of 2 Baremetal Finney’s will grant you an animated Unicorn Finney.

Paying homage to their namesake pioneer, 1% of all primary and secondary sales will be donated to the Hal Finney Cryonics Research Fund.

Discover the Finney roadmap here, and join their Discord server to become a part of the Finney community.

Opinion: Finney came to Earth to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, so it makes sense that he explores a variety of blockchains, right? In all seriousness, this is a logical step for a project that continues to grow in size on a daily basis, and is building a wonderful core community. It’s important to note that this is not the end of Finney’s adventures on WAX/EOS – their roadmap notes that there’s 10,000 further coins set to drop on WAX/EOS in November, as well as the character-builder and Shift Mining to look forward to. The quality of the team and the work they’re putting into making Finney a true cross-chain project continues to consistently impress me, so I’ll be keeping an eager eye on their ETH excursion.

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to Laya‘s new single Bitter. Her eclectic mix of 90s R&B and a vibrant world of her own creation is an audio-visual delight. If the track wasn’t impressive enough, she shot the entire music video on her iPhone!

This track is still available for purchase through YoshiDrops – check out the drop page here!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub!

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