Blockchain Bulletin: September 27 – October 3

CryptoFlash returns with another set of animated flash, Funko partners with Iron Maiden for their 3rd series on WAX, and DU$T has a generative collection on the way – here’s the biggest stories on WAX right now!


CryptoFlash’s 7th Set


Animated flash artist CryptoFlash releases his 7th set of WAX, dropping daily at 20:30 UTC from Monday to Friday this week.

CryptoFlash brings tattoo art into the digital age, taking the traditional old-school American style and giving it life, transforming the flash you’ll see on the walls of any studio into animations full of personality and vigour – whilst remaining faithful to the roots of the approach.

Each piece of flash has a max mint of just 40, with each prospective purchaser having to register their interest via an application.

Head to his Twitter to find the whitelist form required to take part, and join his Discord community to be the first to get your hands on those drop links.

Opinion: CryptoFlash has cultivated one of the most wonderful communities, and one of the most FOMO-inducing collections, on WAX. By keeping the quality high, the mint numbers low, and the prices reasonable, his collection is a white-hot value magnet. As he’ll only release a new set of 5 NFTs when they’re ready, you can be assured that with each NFT, you’re getting his very best work each time. His art would likely find a cult following on any blockchain, so we’re incredibly fortunate to have him as part of the WAX community. In art, in following, and in execution, he’s a true unsung hero.

Check out our Behind the Art with CryptoFlash to see how he creates these wonderful works of digital art.

Funko x Iron Maiden


This Thursday at 18 UTC, pop culture collectible giants Funko release their 3rd series of NFTs on WAX, in partnership with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden.

As with Funko’s previous partnerships with TMNT and Big Boy, there’s two packs up for grabs; a Standard Pack ($9.99) containing 5 NFT cards, and a Premium Pack ($29.99) containing 15 NFT cards – CC only.

There’s physical Funko Pop!’s up for grabs for a lucky few as well. Both the Legendary (0.90%) and Grail (0.37%) NFTs can be redeemed for physical collectibles, and if you collect one of each Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic, you’ll receive a token which can also be redeemed for a unique physical collectible.

Find out more about the drop, and preview some of the NFTs available, on the dedicated drop page.

Opinion: If you know me, you’ll know I’m a metalhead, so you can be sure I’ll be there, card in hand at 2 Minutes to… 18 UTC on Thursday. In all seriousness though, Funko’s previous two drops have been smooth sailing, and have been received incredibly well by the crypto & NFT community, and there’s no doubt that this drop will continue that trend. Acceptance from the wider collectibles community will be a harder nut to crack for Funko, but as NFT adoption becomes more widespread, so will opinions change. Funko’s early entry into the NFT space is a bold move, and it looks like it’s paying off big time.

Magic DU$T Miners


Also this Thursday, at 23 UTC, 11,111 generative, token-boosting Magic DU$T Miners will be released on WAX.

DU$T is an ERC-20 token than is earned by chatting and interacting in eligible Telegram and Discord servers. The token can then be used to purchase select NFTs, or be traded on Alcor, with a variety of future utilities also planned.

Head to their website to find out everything you need to know for this drop.

Opinion: Anyone who was in the various WAX Telegram communities earlier in the year knows what DU$T is. The token spread like wildfire, and was the talk of the town for quite some time. As communities moved away from Telegram and towards Discord, DU$T appeared to have been left, well… in the dust, before it roared back in August with its Discord launch. This drop is one hell of a litmus test for the DU$T token itself. Has its time in the sun passed, or does the community still hold it dear to their hearts? When this drops on Thursday, we’ll have our answer.

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to Ballin by Peter Mills – released through YoshiDrops a few months ago. The song lives up to its name, with a groovy beat and clean vocals supported by a strong rap performance that has a very déjà vu vibe to it. It’s the perfect tune to stick on whilst flicking through AtomicHub, looking for your next favourite artist!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on secondary!

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