Blockchain Bulletin: October 11 – October 17

Blockchain Bulletin: October 11 – October 17

The WAX team launch their 1-of-1 auction house, Golden Cage release their GCM token packs, and it’s time to blend your Moonie Punk Timmy’s – here’s the biggest stories on WAX right now!


WAX’s Digital Auctions

This Thursday at 17:00 UTC, the WAX team will be holding the first of a new weekly series of 1-of-1 auction via their own digital auction house.

The first 1-of-1 up for grabs will be a clip from the The Princess Bride, tying in to their recent launch on WAX. The auction will last exactly 7 days, ending prior to the next auction the following week.

Nimoy, Shatner, Robotech and Atari have all been mentioned for potential future 1-of-1 auctions, as well as the possibility for new creators to take part.

Find out more about WAX’s Auction House platform in their latest Medium post.

Opinion: 1-of-1 NFTs, generative collection and the like have gained huge traction on ETH marketplaces, but have yet to see the same success over on WAX (bar a few notable examples, Senor Lupe’s Chummy’s being one). These weekly auctions, direct from the WAX team no less, gives the community something to rally around each week, and will raise the profile of both auctions and 1-of-1 NFTs on the blockchain. I can’t wait to see the NFTs that’ll be up for grabs, and crucially, which other collections and projects will be able to gain exposure by being a part of these auctions moving forwards.

Golden Cage’s GCM Token Packs

This Friday at 15 UTC, Golden Cage release a series of packs containing their utility token, Golden Cage Money (GCM).

GCM will have various uses within Golden Cage – an upcoming TCG in a street-fight-focused universe – including the ability to purchase heals, improve your characters, buy additional fighters and more.

This Alcor-tradable token will also be used as the main method of entering their weekly tournaments, which have a variety of prizes up for grabs.

Three levels of packs are available; $5.50 USD (in WAX) Level 1 Packs contain 1,000 GCM tokens, $27.50 Level 2 Packs contain 5,000 GCM, and $55.00 Level 3 Packs include 10,000 GCM.

Only 150 Level 1, 90 Level 2 and 40 Level 3 Packs will be available.

Head to the Golden Cage website for the latest info.

Opinion: Projects having their own tokens has continued to rise throughout this year, and will only continue to rise as time goes on. From store credit to in-game premium currencies and now to the blockchain, having a utility token that rewards loyalty has quickly become commonplace in every industry its found itself in. The interest for me with GCM lies in its implementation; will certain characters/moves be GCM-exclusive? If so, could you purchase enough GCM on Alcor to earn such exclusives, or will other mechanics limit this? As popular as utility tokens have become, these are the sorts of questions that projects will have to be able to answer for their tokens to be a success.

Moonie Punk Timmy Blend

Available now, 20 Moonie Timmy Punks from our collaboration with CREEK’s CryptoMoonies collection can now be blended into a digital 3D boxed figurine.

These Timmy Punks, first available via a drop several months ago, are now only available on the secondary market. As the total supply of Timmy Punks is 1,000, only 50 Timmy Punks are available to be blended, with 23 having been created at the time of writing.

This continues a tradition for the collection, in which Punk versions of their figurines – which started as an in-community joke – can be blended into their 3D counterparts.

Head to CREEK’s Discord for the very latest.

Opinion: CREEK mentioned that this was an absolute pain in the neck to create (apologies!) but it was definitely worth the effort. I’ve been a fan of the CryptoMoonies ever since their first figurine dropped in Q1 this year, and still hold my membership Shark Card to this day. CREEK has consistently been one of the most impressive creators on the WAX blockchain, and with Generation 5 approaching, I cannot wait to see what he’s got in store for us!

Blend-wise, secondary prices are starting to skyrocket, and you’ll be lucky to capture 20 Timmy Punks at a reasonable price. Knowing how long this figurine took CREEK to make, I’ll certainly be blending one if I can!

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to the very first music NFT uploaded to the YoshiDrops collection – Yes We Can. If my memory serves me correctly, this is an original beat from Yoshi himself which a member of the community generously contributed his vocals towards, and the result is ephemeral, moving and wholly uplifting – great for raising you out of the Monday gloom!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on the secondary market!

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