Blockchain Bulletin: October 25 – October 31


Blockchain Bulletin: October 25 – October 31

HATOR release Shard Packs with a line to custom physical rewards, Immersys hold their second Free Weekend, and the Colonize Mars gameplay launch is just a few days away – here’s the biggest stories on WAX right now!


HATOR’s Pulsar Essential Shard Packs


This Thursday at 16:15 UTC, gaming peripherals company HATOR drop their Pulsar Essential Shard Packs – an NFT pack revolving around an exclusive, customisable variant of one of their core gaming mice.

HATOR are a niche brand, but are well-known in certain circles, in particular for their partnership with esports juggernauts NAVI.

Each pack, which costs $6.50 USD in WAX each and is limited to 250 packs total, contains 4 random shards out of a possible 16. A complete set of 16 shards can be blended to create a Pulsar Essential Custom NFT, which can be redeemed for a namesake mouse that can be engraved with a logo of your choice.

Discover more about HATOR through their Discord, and find out how you can get your hands on a custom mouse through the drop link here.

Opinion: With blockchain gaming the hot topic on everyone’s minds at the moment, what better time for an established brand in the esports space to enter the fray, and to do so with an exciting premise, no less? The prospect of a mouse you can truly make your own with a custom engraving will certainly perk up the ears of many – we’ll have to see if this interest translates to sales, but if it’s anything like HATOR’s similar keyboard drop earlier this year, we’re in for fireworks.

Immersys Free Weekend 2


This Saturday and Sunday, multiplayer NFT metaverse Immersys are holding their second Free Weekend, inviting the whole community to experience their world.

A number of updates have come to Immersys since their previous Free Weekend at the end of September, including artefact gathering, UX and UI improvements, and a whole host of new NFTs to gather.

This Free Weekend will also play host to their Halloween event, offering players the chance to pick up a limited edition wearable holiday item on completion of the event quest – only available during this weekend.

Head to the Immersys website to find out how you can take part.

Opinion: I have in the past, and will continue, to sing the praises of the Immersys team. The pace at which they’re developing the game – with crucial features, bug fixes and improvements coming every single week – is fantastic to see, and I am super excited to check out this holiday event at the weekend. Who knows, you might even be able to see me play it live…

Colonize Mars Gameplay Launch


This Friday, space colony sim Colonize Mars release their first beta gameplay elements bringing their first play-to-earn elements to the community.

Collectors will be able to link their Cargo Rocketship cards to Ownership cards of the same type in order to earn Martia Tokens – their new in-game token that will govern the Martian economy.

This will be accessible via a brand-new Play interface, which, alongside this gameplay, also includes player profiles, leaderboards and an inventory of your Colonize Mars NFTs (coming soon).

Head to their website, and read their latest Medium post, for the latest updates.

Opinion: I’ve not followed Colonize Mars as closely as I would have liked – each time they bring out an update such as this, I ask myself why I don’t check-in more often. The one thing that stands out with CM for me, above all else, is it just looks so damn clean. From the website to the NFTs themselves to the promotional material, everything has that sense of refined polish. It’s not shouty or overly-expressive, but it’s not lacking either. It’s a restrained elegance that only comes from experience, and it makes Colonize Mars an absolute joy to behold.

I’d highly advise checking out their full roadmap to get a bigger picture of the project. It’s updated on a regular basis, and has me rather excited for what’s to come.

Taco’s NFT Music Player


Rather than highlighting a track this week, we turn our attention to a new aspect of the Taco app – an NFT music player!

Now live in their iOS app, and coming to their Android app in the coming weeks, this is a fantastic way to play through the tracks you’ve collected – think Spotify for music NFTs!

Head to their website to find the App Store and Google Play Store links for Taco, which also includes a wealth of other features such as market tracking, Alcor token swapping and much more!

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