Community Highlight: The Nifty Show #57


Community Highlight: The Nifty Show #57

Travis and Joel produce one of the most entertaining podcasts in the NFT space, and this episode is an ideal gateway into their world, as well as some of WAX’s hottest projects!


There’s a wealth of quality audio content in the NFT space, from the Uplifters, to NFT Beat, to our highlight this week, The Nifty Show.

Coming off the back of a landmark interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, Episode 57 sees hosts Travis and Joel (of The Bad Crypto Podcast fame) dive right in to three of the hottest topics in WAX right now; the upcoming Robotech launch, the Square Rooted collection, and the WAX blockchain’s first DeFi farming token, CAIT.

If you want the inside-track on a variety of projects, this episode has it in spades. If you’re looking forward to the Robotech launch this Thursday at 17:00 UTC in particular, this is a must-listen, as’s very own Lee Jenkins displays some of the card art and describes the changes made since Street Fighter Series 1 to make this release even better for collectors.

Travis and Joel have a natural chemistry that makes their podcasts a joy to listen to, so give Episode 57 of The Nifty Show a listen below!