Community Highlight: YoshiDrops

On May 27th, musicians, artists and NFTs come together in a major step towards making the NFT industry carbon-negative, with the launch of Yoshi Kondo’s eponymous project.


Questions are often asked by those who, quite rightly, are concerned about the environmental impact of the NFT industry. In recent weeks especially, the negative impact of various cryptocurrencies has come under scrutiny. YoshiDrops is here not just to neutralise this impact, but to help make the entire industry carbon-negative.

Yoshi Kondo, the artist behind the project, is a well-renowned musician and engineer who has worked with a host of top international stars throughout his career. His aim is to open up the accessibility and potential of NFTs to all artists of all kinds – and to have a positive impact on the world whilst doing so.

YoshiDrops will run as a subscription service, with three individual access tiers. Each month, subscribers will receive a number of randomly-generated music NFTs, called Digital Vinyls – collaborative pieces between both upcoming and well-renowned musicians and cover artists.


Where does the green element come in? Utilising WAX, the green blockchain of choice, 100% of the secondary market rewards will go towards green philanthropy – initiatives that produce oxygen. Furthermore, YoshiDrops have partnered with Carbonfund.org, with the aim to plant 1 million trees worldwide by 2023.

This is a unique opportunity to snag some wonderful art and brilliant music, whilst truly supporting the artists and contributing to a carbon-negative cause. Whether you’re a musician, an artist, a collector or just someone who wants to support a burgeoning, green industry, YoshiDrops should be on your radar!

YoshiDrops launches on May 27th (Yoshi Kondo’s birthday!) – head to yoshidrops.com for all of the latest information!