Community Highlight: Crypton’s Guide to WAX

Community Highlight: Crypton’s Guide to WAX

From depositing to staking, voting rewards to fiat exchange, this 10-minute video is a must-watch for any newcomer to the WAX blockchain!


Quality guides are in short supply in the WAX community, so when a great one rises to the surface, it’s certainly worth shining a light upon it!

Can you remember your first experience with the WAX blockchain? What was it like? The huge amount of information you need to digest, even for seasoned crypto pros, can be overwhelming, and inevitably, you’ll have a few questions that need answering.

Enter Crypton. Their 10-minute video is what I wish I had when I first came to WAX. All the information a newcomer needs is covered here, from wallet creation and depositing, to staking and voting, and even using WAXP on a crypto exchange – this guide has it all.

Top-notch content such as this is exactly what the WAX community needs to grow. Give the below a watch and see for yourself!