Community Highlight: A Whale of a Tale

Community Highlight: A Whale of a Tale

This is a story about friendship, gratitude, and community. When these three come together on the WAX blockchain, life-changing moments can be made.


NFTs have changed the lives of thousands, and every single person has a unique story to tell.

Many of you will know Neon Space for their 80s-inspired collection, the building of Neon City in The Uplift, or hell – even the interview we did with them a few weeks ago. But, do you know their NFT origin story?

Amongst the cosmic sea of chronicles out there, this one stands out. Few others have a story as wholesome, enlightening and inspirational as theirs – and lucky for us, they’ve chronicled it in a short blog entry.

Grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in. No matter if you’re an artist, a collector, an investor or otherwise, this tale will make you fall for this community we love all over again.