Drop Alert! Senor Lupe’s Chummys Series 2


Drop Alert! Senor Lupe’s Chummys Series 2

Tomorrow at 20 UTC, our favourite horse-loving, iPad-wielding artist drops the second series of his unique 1-of-1 PFP collection!


I’ve been going a bit stir-crazy over short-run, hand-crafted PFPs lately.

A staple of the ETH NFT scene, it took some time to get the PFP balling rolling on WAX, but we’re now seeing a slew of quality 1-of-1 collections rearing their heads.

In recent weeks, I’ve picked up Garden Bros and Pizza Slices, but one NFT has yet to be knocked from its perch as my current PFP – Mr. Chummy 049, from Senor Lupe’s first series of namesake horses.

With this initial run of 100 Chummy’s having all found a home, it’s time for another 100 to enter the fray.


This Friday at 20 UTC, Series 2 of Senor Lupe’s Chummy’s hits WAX – each one of these 100 unique characters, as with Series 1, painstakingly forged using just an iPad and Lupe’s brilliant creative talent.

All 100 of these Series 2 Chummy’s are publicly available, priced at $69 USD in WAX each.

Owners will receive exclusive NFTs, as well as the rights to use your Chummy however you see fit, whether that’s printed on a t-shirt, as art to put up in your home, or of course as your PFP.


Demand for the Series 1 Chummy’s has remained strong on the secondary market with trades taking place on a regular basis, and with Series 2 demand already hotting up, this status quo looks set to remain.

The sheer level of variation between each Chummy is astounding, and it’s a testament to Lupe’s talent that he’s now created 200 1-of-1 NFTs that are truly unique, each one evoking a personality different to the rest.


A strong, tight-knit community has built up around Senor Lupe and his work, with creators and collectors walking hand-in-hand. As there’s only 100 new Chummy’s up for adoption, you can be sure you won’t be the only one eyeing up the same horse!

I’ve certainly got my eyes on a few, but whether its a horse in a hazmut suit or a Chummy hitting peak Riviera cool with a chain and shades, there’s no denying one of them a home in your wallet!

Series 2 of Senor Lupe’s Chummy’s drops at 20 UTC tomorrow (Friday 28th). You can view the drop here, and join Lupe’s Telegram here.

Oh, and follow Lupe’s Twitter here. His tweets put a smile on my face several times a week, and I hope they can do the same for you!