Drop Alert! Costume Kingdom’s Base Card Set (plus Costume Clash!)

This Friday at 20 UTC, this Halloween-themed turn-based action-adventure title releases their first set of base cards on WAX, featuring a slew of adorable animations! Rumour has it, they also have a new game on the horizon…


Halloween is just 19 short days away, and what better way to tip-toe into this frightful time of year than with a drop from a game that fully embraces the spooky season!

Costume Kingdom is a PS4 action-adventure title where you take on the role of Rain, a young child on a quest to win Monkchester’s biggest prize, the Apex Cup, whilst unknowingly walking the path to saving Halloween itself!

Stratton Studios, the company behind Costume Kingdom, is bringing this family-friendly world of charming creatures to WAX with a deck of NFT cards based on the Hallowmon you come across in the game!


At 20:00 UTC tomorrow, 10 such cards, forming the base set, will drop. No packs or gimmicks – each card can be purchased directly, but with only 10 of each card available, it’ll be a scramble to complete your set!

Each card costs either 3 or 4 WAX, and with the low amounts available in the drop, this is a comparatively affordable way to get your hands on some rare NFTs!

What about utility? I’m glad you asked…


Alongside the drop, Stratton Studios are also launching a brand-new community party game titled Costume Clash!

Filled-to-the-brim with exciting minigames, challenges and ways to interact with your friends, Costume Clash gives you a whole new way to interact with your Hallowmon collection.

Each NFT you own from the base set will provide the owner with special attributes within each of these minigames!

That’s not all, as each NFT also grants the holder one vote, which can be used to guide the development of future minigames within Costume Clash!


Costume Kingdom have been around on WAX for some time, but have generally flown under the radar. With the launch of this base set coupled with Costume Clash, their future on the blockchain looks very bright indeed!

Costume Kingdom’s Base Card Set drops Friday 15th October at 20 UTC, with the brand-new Costume Clash game going live at the same time. You can find all of the drops here, and discover Costume Clash here.