Drop Alert! Topps GPK Nifty Kids Mix-and-Match Collection

Tomorrow at 17 UTC, GPK returns to WAX with a brand-new collection, featuring a fresh, never-before-seen twist!


If there’s one thing we all like, it’s uniqueness.

Whether it’s an item in a video game, a rare copy of a book or a signed work from an artist, we crave to have that which others do not – to have something to call our own.

Returning from their Avalanche journey, Topps GPK are bringing this sense of uniqueness to collectors on WAX through a pack drop concept that’s never been seen before on the blockchain.


This Thursday at 17 UTC, 10,000 packs will become available for 48 hours, priced at 329 WAX a pop. Each of these packs contains one unique Nifty Kid character. All as normal so far, right? Here’s where it gets interesting.

Rather than being pre-minted, each Nifty Kid NFT will be auto-generated upon the opening of a pack by combining a random set of six visual traits taken from six fan-favourite GPK characters – totalling 46,656 possible combinations.

These six visual traits – body, head, eyes, accessories, mouth and hairstyle – are taken from the following Garbage Pail Kids; Adam Bomb, Dead Ted, Mad Mike, Nasty Nick, Tee-vee Stevie and Wrappin Ruth.

All six complete characters (that is, a Nifty Kid NFT with six matching traits) are guaranteed to drop within these 10,000 packs.


The site RareDrop.io has a fantastic combination checker for this drop, whereby you can view every single possible Nifty Kid variation.

I gave this a go, and thought I’d see what a character with one trait from each of these six Garbage Pail Kids would look like.


There’s something real unnerving about this creation – that combination of bugged eyes and lollipop in particular – but I love it!

It’s fantastic to see GPK back on WAX, and this unique mix-and-match concept will surely be the talk of the chain when it drops.

The six complete Garbage Pail Kids will likely become highly sought-after, so whether you’re a huge GPK fan, an NFT collector chasing the rarest of the rare, or if you’re just looking to create a Nifty Kid to call your own, this drop has something for everyone!

Topps GPK Nifty Kids drop at 17 UTC tomorrow (Thursday 17th), available on both AtomicHub and RareDrop.io, and unpackable via the latter. You can access the combination checker here, and join the Topps NFT Discord here.