Drop Alert! Exit Limbo’s Metahead Music + Artwork Collection

This Friday at 17 UTC, Exit Limbo returns to WAX with a drop centred on the synthwave-meets-rock soundtrack of their side-scrolling beat ’em up!


In the span of 10 months on WAX, Exit Limbo has accomplished an awful lot.

From the massive success of their Series 1 pack drop, to mini sticker packs and a set of NFTs distributed through Alien Worlds, they’ve gone from strength to strength, gathering a group of avid fans along the way.

We’ve been introduced to Mr. Rhino and the rest of the cast of the Exit Limbo universe, and tomorrow at 17 UTC, we can get our hands on the stunning soundtrack that sets the scene for the carnage that lies within.


Three different packs will be available; a promo pack – only available via community giveaways (keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord for ours…), 10,000 Synth Packs at $5 in WAX, and 5,000 Phat Packs at $25 in WAX.

Each of these packs contains a number of Static Shards. If you hold 6 of the same Static Shard, these can be blended together to create a Music Shard, and 6 identical Music Shards can be blended to receive a sought-after Music NFT. The Promo, Synth and Phat Packs contain 1, 10 and 30 Static Shards respectively, with the Phat Pack also containing 4 Music Shards to give you a head start.

Should you have opened a Series 1 Exit Limbo pack (and have an NTT Tortellino or Lambrusco token), you’ll get access to a whitelisted sale, taking place 1 hour early at 16 UTC. On top of early access, you’ll also be granted a 20% discount on the above prices!


There’s 8 Music NFTs to obtain, with a 9th available via a Super Blend. Alongside the exclusive 9th piece of music and artwork, holders will receive an additional super-rare NFT – and there’s further rewards for holders to be announced after the sale.

That’s not all, as each pack also has a chance at pulling a 3D figurine NFT in 1 of 6 different rarities. The two highest rarities, both 1/1’s – one within a Synth Pack and one within a Phat Pack – entitle the holder to claim a physical 3D Red Junkie figurine!

All of the NFTs within these packs will be stakable with both collect.social and WAX Arena, granting you the ability to earn both RACOON and AEXP – Alcor-tradable tokens – for each Exit Limbo NFT you hold!


This drop coincides with an updated roadmap for the Exit Limbo project, including integration of their NFTs within their beat ’em up title, an Exit Limbo token, an in-house staking system, a mini-game and more – fanning the community flame as the team works on the Alpha of their next in-game chapter.

This Metahead pack drop promises to be an enthralling, and rewarding, experience for those that take part. Music has really began to take off on WAX, and the sludgy, heavy synthwave soundtrack of Exit Limbo is a welcome addition to this fast-growing segment of the marketplace.

Now, if only there was an NFT music player for us to play these on… wait a minute, there is!

Exit Limbo’s Metahead Music + Artwork Collection drops tomorrow, 8th October, at 17 UTC – or 16 UTC for whitelisted wallets. Find out more about the drop on their website.