Drop Alert! Pizza Slice’s 1/1 Pizza Hands

Who doesn’t like pizza, right? This Friday at 19 UTC, you can grab 1 of 100 cheesy, delicious, unique slices to call your own!



The food of the gods. A crisp, doughy crust hosting a glorious tomato base, beneath a sea of gooey, golden cheese. Hungry yet?

It’s no wonder these precious pies are one of the world’s most popular foods.

Today, we’ve placed pizza on such a pedestal that it’s gained a special place in pop culture. From a game day staple and hangover cure, to gamers at their desks and a lunch with friends, it’s become a veritable go-to for many.

It was only a matter of time before an NFT collection would rise to honour them, and this Friday, Pizza Slice are giving you the opportunity to own your perfect slice.


Having blessed the WAX blockchain with bountiful pizza NFTs for the past few months, Pizza Slice have created their first 1-of-1 collection, titled Pizza Hands, dropping at 19 UTC this Friday.

Each 1 of 50 unique NFTs on WAX features a slice of glory, held aloft by an outstretched hand on a coloured background – optimised for use as profile pictures (PFPs) across all of your social accounts.

This first drop on WAX will cost 200 WAX each. Future WAX Pizza Hands drops are already confirmed to be set at 300 WAX each, so there’s incentive to be an early collector.


But wait, didn’t you say there were 100 available? That’s right! Friday’s drop on WAX coincides with a drop of a further 50 unique Pizza Hands on OpenSea, priced at 0.02 ETH each.

These ETH Pizza Hands have all the same qualities as their WAX counterparts, but are flipped so as to easily distinguish between them both.


PFP collections on WAX having began to pick up steam, and the quality of them so far have been top-notch – enough to rival PFP collections on any blockchain.

Pizza Slice creator Ivoki has nurtured her community with the same passion and warmth as her art, and she’s quickly become an artist that collectors and creators alike are keen to both follow and support.

There’s certainly a few slices I’ve earmarked to go for, and judging by the hype – bubbling away as the cheese on any pizza should – competition is going to be strong!

Pizza Slice’s first set of 50 1-of-1 Pizza Hands drops this Friday at 19 UTC. You can access the drop here, and find the rest of the key Pizza Slice links via their Linktree.