Drop Alert! The Adventurer’s Guild’s Original Adventurer Packs


Drop Alert! The Adventurer’s Guild’s Original Adventurer Packs

Today at 21:30 UTC, this upcoming Discord-based adventure game will be holding its first promo drop on WAX. The man behind the pixels is one with whom we’re all very familiar, and we couldn’t be more hyped…


Text-based adventure titles have a long and storied history in the gaming space.

Over the past 50 years, these story-rich, role-playing experiences served as the foundation for the industry we see today. Hitting their heyday in the mid 80s, the rise of computer graphics all but put an end to their lifespan, with dwindling player numbers and a younger generation that had very much moved on.

The thing with a good story though, is you can never put a good one down.

Riding the wave of 80s nostalgia, text-based experiences are back. Our hearts and minds yearn for these dungeon-crawling, interactive narratives once more, and blockchain technology offers a unique way to bring this storied genre bang up-to-date.

The Adventurer’s Guild – an original title by WAX’s programming prodigy stuckatsixpm – is planning on doing just that.


The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG) is an upcoming NFT-based RPG, powered by the WAX blockchain, accessible via Discord.

All of your usual RPG elements are here, from creating unique avatars and gearing, to questing, dungeons, bossing and a whole lot more. From the simplest of swords to the grandest of armours, every in-game item is an NFT, featuring stylised pixel art that hearkens back to the golden age of gaming.

Flagship features will include stuckatsixpm’s signature Dynamic NFTs, allowing your avatar to update both graphically and statistically based on the items they have equipped – items which can then be upgraded to enhance your power.

Through TAG’s innovative Candlelight system, almost every NFT on the WAX blockchain will earn you $GUILD – an Alcor-tradable token which functions as the currency of TAG – through non-custodial staking, which than then be used for in-game item purchases and more. $GUILD can also be earned by defeating foes, and if you’re lucky, you might just get a loot pack minted directly to your wallet!

Sounds great, right? Later today, you can get your hands on your very first in-game NFT…


The Original Adventurer Pack drops today at 21:30 UTC. Priced at 100 WAX, this pack, limited to one per wallet, includes one guaranteed Original Adventurer NFT – an in-game cosmetic item that will mark you out as one of TAG’s OGs.

If it’s just one NFT, why is this a pack? Hold your horses! Each pack also has a 1% chance of containing an exclusive voucher, redeemable for a physical loot pack containing a whole bunch of TAG-themed swag!

These Original Adventurer NFTs will be useable in both the testnet and mainnet versions of TAG, and holders will be on the list for the next batch of pre-Alpha passes, plus will gain VIP status for the first mainnet Starter Pack drop, date TBA.


Many of you will have interacted with SixPM Software before, thanks to their Honeycomb Discord bot. Others still will recall Stuck’s dynamic Creator Cards, Locations Cards and more. When I discovered he was creating a game, I couldn’t be more excited.

Stuck has attracted praise from far and wide for his contributions to the WAX community thus far, and with TAG – a concept he has ample prior experience with – he’s taking things to a whole new level!

The Adventurer’s Guild’s Original Adventurer Packs drops today (Friday 15th October) at 21:30 UTC. You can access the drop here, find out more about TAG here, join their Discord here, and read their whitepaper here.