Drop Alert! Xpansion’s Inaugural Land & Equipment Pack Sale on WAX


Drop Alert! Xpansion’s Inaugural Land & Equipment Pack Sale on WAX

This Monday at 16 UTC, upcoming 4X strategy title Xpansion drop their first set of public packs on the WAX blockchain, giving players everything they’ll need to start settling!


If the first 6 months of 2021 were all about the huge rush of people and projects to the NFT space, the last 6 months have been dominated by one concept – blockchain games.

From simple staking and crafting projects to horse racing, card games to full-blown universes, a new project with fresh ideas for NFT integration pops up every other week.

At this early stage for such games, gameplay is often quite basic, limited and unpolished. Starting this Monday at 16 UTC however, a promising upcoming title holds their first drop, and they’ve certainly caught our attention.


Xpansion is an upcoming cross-chain 4X strategy game, set in the near future as humanity looks to become an interplanetary species. The economy and resource model will be entirely powered by NFTs and on-chain tokens (such as the native XPS token), and the game world will be fully run by its players through a decentralised governance/DAO system.

Players will start by obtaining land and equipment, allowing for resource harvesting and land upgrades. This progresses to the building of Arks for expeditions to other planets, and then the creation of battle units for PVP combat. Of course, in typical 4X fashion, diplomacy and tactical prowess will play a big part in your success.

A beta version of the game is currently available on the WAX testnet, with the mainnet release scheduled for late November.


Back to the pack drop! On Monday at 16 UTC, 2 types of packs become available to the public; a $70 Normal Pack which contains 1 land NFT and 2 equipment NFTs, and a $190 Mega Pack which contains 3 lands and 6 pieces of equipment.

Both lands and equipment come in one of 5 different rarities, with the highest rarity (Legendary) having a 2.3% chance of being pulled per pack. Lands and equipment will both earn the user in-game resources, with lands also generating XPS tokens over time.

VIP Membership-holders get early access to the drop a whole 48 hours beforehand, giving them a sizable advantage. There’s still 200+ VIP Membership NFTs remaining, which you can pick up here.


4X is one of my favourite gaming genres, and with two such titles now building on WAX, I cannot wait to see how they’ll be able to push eachother to greater heights!

With the current wild-west of platforms, tokens and wallets, cross-chain operability is an important aspect of planning ahead, and certainly assists in the fostering of a strong, borderless community, and as Xpansion makes waves across WAX, BSC, and OEC amongst others and partners with a plethora of projects across the blockchain space, they’re one to keep a close eye on!

Xpansion’s inaugural Pack Sale on WAX drops Monday 11th October at 16 UTC – or Saturday 9th October at 16 UTC for VIP Membership holders. Find out more about this the drop through their recent Medium post, and to discover Xpansion further, which I’d highly advise, be sure to read their Litepaper.