Drop Alert! The Zendodo Games


Drop Alert! The Zendodo Games

Squid Game has become all the rage at Zendodo HQ, and tomorrow at 16 UTC, the Zendodos have come to play!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you’ll have heard of Squid Game.

The South Korean survival drama has taken the internet by storm, becoming Netflix’s most-watched series to date, entering the cultural zeitgeist and capturing the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

WAX’s resident NFT-Fi project Zendodo Party have been particularly inspired, and this Saturday at 16 UTC, in perfect time for Halloween, they’re dropping an event collection steeped in Squid Game flavour.


Two Zendodos, Paige (a Player) and Toddy (a Perpetrator) are available via the drop, priced at 20 WAX each.

Paige and Toddy act as Step 1 of the Player and Perpetrator Evolution Paths. To reach the Step 2, you must evolve three Zendodos of the same type & evolution, and same again for Step 3 to obtain the rarest Zendodos of this event.

Each evolution will feature increased staking power in Zendodo Party’s reward pools, allowing collectors to generate more ZENDI – Zendodo’s utility token – per hour.

As these event Zendodos are also considered to be “Unique”, they will provide collectors with an entry multiplier to Zendodo Party’s weekly rewards draw. Since June, they’ve given away over 213,000 WAX in prizes!


Is there a reward for collecting all of these event Zendodos? Of course!

Collectors who obtain 4, 5 or all 6 of the event Zendodos will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold ZendiCard respectively, which can be displayed on your Zendodo Party Hero profile, and come with a further staking power boost!

It’s possible to gather multiple ZendiCards – should you collect one of each event Zendodo and 4 others, you’d receive 1 Gold and 1 Bronze ZendiCard! If you were to obtain 2 of every event Zendodo, you’d receive 2 Gold ZendiCards!


Since their debut in May of this year, Zendodo Party have consistently achieved that which few others on WAX can match – cultural relevance. From their Tokyo 2020 and International Day of Peace NFTs to this Squid Game-inspired collection, you can count on the team to be on the bleeding edge of what’s hot right now.

Don’t think that the source material means these Zendodos aren’t cute – their trademark cartoonish style and happy-go-lucky demeanour shine here, so whether Player or Perpetrator, you’ll be glad to have taken part in the Zendodo Games!

Zendodo Party’s Zendodo Games event collection drops tomorrow (Saturday 30th) at 16 UTC. You can access the whitelisted drop here, the public drop here, read the in-depth Medium post here, and follow their Twitter here.

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