Delabs Announce Polygon-Based Arcade Game, Rumble Racing Star


Delabs Announce Polygon-Based Arcade Racer, Rumble Racing Star

Polygon level-up their web3 game roster, as one of South Korea’s leading mobile developers brings Rumble Racing Star to the chain!


Another promising web3 game is heading to Polygon!

Today at GDC 2023, Delabs – the web3 arm of leading South Korean mobile developers 4:33 Creative Lab – have announced Rumble Racing Star (RRS), a web3 arcade racer, powered by Polygon.

Created by 20+ year racing game design veteran Beongryand Choi, Rumble Racing Star is Delabs debut web3 title, with the same team behind Nexon’s smash-hit mobile game series KartRider, which has seen over 300 million downloads to date.

What is Rumble Racing Star?

Rumble Racing Star is a PC-based arcade racer, which sees players compete against their friends and others in wild, wacky and exciting lawnmower races. With vivid colours, a rural theme and a modern feel, fans of games such as Mario Kart will feel right at home.

The game’s web3 functionality allows players to customise their karts, drivers, and avatars – all in the form of NFTs. Rumble Racing Star have also partnered with several NFT projects – including Goblintown, y00ts, Killabears and more – to use their likenesses as in-game characters, with holders receiving unique in-game benefits.

Aside from direct purchase, players will be able to acquire NFTs through in-game events, airdrops, tournaments and more. All NFTs in-game provide equal benefits to non-NFT items, meaning both web2 and web3 players have an equal chance of victory.

Rumble Racing Star features Goblintown, y00ts, Killabears and more. Rumble Racing Star features Goblintown, y00ts, Killabears and more.

When will Rumble Racing Star NFTs be available?

On April 6 at 23:00 UTC, Delabs will open their Adventure Pass NFTs for minting.

These passes – of which 3,000 will be available – will grant holders access to a host of benefits within both Rumble Racing Star and future Delabs games, such as early access, exclusive in-game items, season pass tickets, access to real-life events and limited merch.

The mint price is 0.1 ETH, with those on the allowlist guaranteed a mint.

Holders of partnered collections will be able to use their PFPs in game. Holders of partnered collections will be able to use their PFPs in game.

Joonmo Kwon, Chairman of Delabs, said:

“Developed by the creators of the megahit racing game KartRider, Rumble Racing Star takes the racing experience to a whole new level with the added features of Web3 NFT technology, allowing players to use their unique skills and items to gain an edge as they speed through the twists and turns of the race track.”

A hands-on PC demo of Rumble Racing Star will be available to GDC 2023 attendees at the Polygon booth, from March 23-24.

For more details on Delabs and Rumble Racing Star, visit their websites, and follow them on Twitter.


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