Drop Alert! Grubfish Royale’s NFT Launch

Drop Alert! Grubfish Royale’s NFT Launch

Get ready for some gruesome livestream gaming fun with CritterCraft’s Grubfish Trail Sale this Sunday at 15:00 UTC!


If you’re a frequent NFT livestream watcher, you might have come across Grubfish Royale, a fantastically fun viewer-participation game created by the CritterCraft team.

This Sunday at 15 UTC, CritterCraft are taking their Twitch game to the next level by releasing special Grubfish NFTs that can be used in-game.

Let’s take a closer look at the collection and this upcoming drop!

Grubfish Royale NFT Launch CritterCraft Website

What is CritterCraft?

CritterCraft is an upcoming blockchain game, designed by 15-year development veterans Gaz Thomas and Chaz Carter. Their previous web-based creations have collectively gathered over 1 billion plays!

Grubfish Royale NFT Launch Gaz and Chaz

The game will revolve around creating a team of powerful Critters to send on quests to earn rewards. Players will need to send their initial Critters out to gather ingredients, which are used to upgrade your team and to craft more Critters. You can discover further details within their Goozepaper.

Whilst the game is still in its development stage, you can get involved with their collection right now. There’s a number of stickers to collect – which can be displayed in a sticker book on their website – and you can start earning Motivation Tokens by utilising their Music Record NFTs.

What is Grubfish Royale?

After watching popular streamers use Marbles on Stream or Duck Race to facilitate their giveaways, Chaz and Gaz were inspired to make their own livestream game with better viewer involvement. With their experience in web-game development, they joined forces to make it happen, and Grubfish Royale was born.

Grubfish Royale is a free browser game that any streamer can use to pick their giveaway winners. Viewers enter the game by typing !play in chat, taking the form of a Grubfish on screen. The goal is to be the last Critter standing, as razor-sharp saw blades and the odd exploding Grubfish cause mayhem. Players can use additional chat commands – such as !charge, !spin and !explode – to control their Grubfish. Whether that will help or hinder your cause is unknown!

Grubfish Royale NFT Launch In-Game Screenshot

Chaz and Gaz aren’t resting on their laurels. This Sunday (May 15th), the first Grubfish NFT drop will take place.

These cosmetic Grubfish Trails will allow players to customise the colour of the goo trails that follow their Grubfish in-game. As far as we are aware, this will make CritterCraft the first-ever livestream game to utilise NFTs in this way!

How will these NFTs work?

Players can purchase their Grubfish Trail NFTs through Sunday’s drop, then by linking their Twitch account and WAX wallet on CritterCraft.io, will be able to choose which cosmetic to use.

Future plans include further cosmetics such as backpacks, as well as special abilities and much more!

Grubfish Royale NFT Launch Pack and NFTs

When is the drop?

The Grubfish Trail Sale takes place on May 15th at 15:00 UTC.

1,000 Trail Packs will be minted, and are available as follows:

  • 302 packs: Airdropped to Legendary and Mythic CritterCraft sticker holders
  • 100 packs: A whitelisted pack drop for users holding all 14 CritterCraft stickers (any rarity)
  • 350 packs: A whitelisted pack drop for users holding all any 3 CritterCraft stickers
  • 248 packs: Reserved for contest prizes and for future use

Rumour has it that a brand new game mode called ‘Doom Rollers’ is set to be released on the day of the drop, with further NFTs to come soon! 

To find out more, and to join their community, head to the CritterCraft Discord.

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