Everything You Need To Know About AtomicHub’s Easter Event

Everything You Need To Know About AtomicHub’s Easter Event

Looking for some fun this Easter weekend? Have a crack at AtomicHub’s Easter Egg Hunt to stand a chance of winning rare NFTs and a share of 1,500 WAX!


AtomicHub have planned an Easter Egg Hunt for this weekend, and it’s bound to be loads of fun!

Want to learn more and discover what the prizes are? Read on for all the details!

How the Event Works

Throughout this weekend (April 15-17) AtomicHub will drop various riddles and clues at different times through their Discord Announcements. When you crack the riddles, you’ll be led to 1 of 10 partner collections and a specific location, such as a Discord server, website, etc.

Once you reach the correct location, you may have to solve some extra puzzles and riddles in order to claim the special event NFT. That is, if you are one of the first 10 to arrive – as all of the event NFTs will have a max supply of just 10!

As soon as all of the NFTs from one of the partner collections have been found, AtomicHub will make an announcement that the hunt for their NFTs is over. When all of the NFTs for each of the 10 partner collections NFTs have been found, the event will conclude.

The WAX Prize

At the end of the weekend, if you have collected enough of the event NFTs, you’ll win a WAXP prize! 

The prize distribution will work as follows: 

Total prize pool: 1,500 WAX

  • 1st prize tier (collect all 10 NFTs): 500 WAX base prize + 100 WAX added to the pool for each user that achieves this tier (e.g. 1 winner = 600 WAX prize, 2 winners = 350 WAX each, 3 winners = 265 WAX each, and so on).
  • 2nd prize tier (collect 75% of the NFTs): 70% of the remaining total prize pool, split equally between all that achieve this tier.
  • 3rd prize tier (collect 50% of the NFTs): The remaining 30% of the total prize pool, split equally between all achievers.

If no 1st tier prizes are rewarded, the total prize will be divided between the lower tiers in the 70/30 ratio above.


  1. No multi-accounting allowed. If players are found to have claimed prizes with more than one account, all of their entries will be revoked.
  2. Sharing of answers or the drops is not allowed. Again, any user that is found to have done so will see their entries revoked.
  3. Each account will only be considered for the prize once, e.g. having more than 1 of each NFT will not entitle the holder to two 1st tier prizes.
  4. No botting or automation of any kind allowed. If proven, players will have their entries revoked.

A screenshot will be taken and the winners will be announced the following Monday (April 18) in the AtomicHub Discord.

Join the Hunt!

With such an exciting weekend ahead and a substantial WAX prize up for grabs, it would be a shame to miss out! Keep your eyes peeled on the announcements within the AtomicHub Discord this weekend if you want to participate in all the fun!

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