An Interview with the Green Rabbit Game Team


An Interview with the Green Rabbit Game Team

With WAX’s next landmark dApp holding their inaugural pack drop tomorrow, we speak with three members of the GRG team to find out how they came together, their roadmap, and their sky-high ambitions!


Six weeks ago, a calm wind blew through the quiet forests of the WAX community as a new Discord server was born. That wind picked up speed, grew stronger and stronger, and today, over 8,500 members later, this roaring gale has brought with it hazy clouds, announcing the next huge dApp to hit the blockchain – the Green Rabbit Game.

Forged by a team of talented individuals, including two with extensive experience at the very top of the current blockchain games, there’s no question that GRG is one of, if not the most hyped project on WAX right now.

With such a huge upswell of anticipation for their first drop tomorrow, we had to get the lowdown from the team themselves – and they didn’t disappoint!

Read through to the end of the interview for our Green Rabbit Interview Card, dropping in the near future! (Note: this NFT is NOT stakeable in GRG.)

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Hydro: Hi guys! To you first nVen0m, could you tell me a bit about yourself, your background and how you got into NFTs?

nVen0m: Hey! I’m nVen0m. I hold a Bachelors in Computer Science and I am an electrical engineer by trade. Before getting into the NFT space, I owned and operated 5 or 6 different corporations & partnerships, one being a legal Marijuana Dispensary, Peoples. introduced me to NFTs. I quickly rose through the ranks there and became the #1 player in the world – which I still am. Soon after, I started Green Rabbit Holdings LLC – a Metaverse Business Development firm with strong ties to the tech & marijuana industries. From there, Green Rabbit Game was born, and currently, Green Rabbit is my full time job!


Green Rabbit Game has generated a ton of hype already! Could you tell us a bit about the game, the story so far, and what the community can expect from you guys?

We’re developing Green Rabbit Game to be the #1 play-to-earn dApp on WAX. We have strong influence from AAA console games like Destiny, in that GRG will have multiple activities that players can choose from, not just crafting and staking.

The first activity is going to be Ultra-Anima – a high-stakes race with lots of surprises; a bit like ZED.RUN on steroids. Before you get to race, you’ll need to craft your Anima-Armor. This armor will give you the superhuman abilities you need to get a leg-up on the competition!

All activities will require the burning of Shellinium (SHELL; our native token), which you can earn by staking Green Rabbit NFTs. Other NFT projects in the space will be stakeable as well, at a later date. In order to stake anything significant on Green Rabbit, you will need to use our Flash Drive NFTs. Flash Drives come in different capacities, depending on their rarity. This will help keep the economy in-check, and keep the barrier for entry low.

We’re aiming for Green Rabbit to be a fun way to enjoy the dApp experience! Our first pack sale is on July 13th at 10am PST (17 UTC).

On July 12th at 8pm PST (July 13th, 3 UTC) we’ll be having a live-streamed Green Carpet event! Lots of well-known personalities are going to be there!

Green Rabbit Interview - Tortuga Token NFT 037-greenpaper

Sounds fantastic! What can we expect to see within this first pack drop?

There will be three different packs up for grabs; 3D Figure Crates ($250), Premium Packs ($50) and Standard Packs ($10), each containing a variety of cards with different rarity chances.

The 3D Figure Crate comes with a Bonus Pack, which has a higher chance of obtaining Mythic and Legendary cards (as opposed to the Standard Pack, which has no chance at these rarities). The Crate will also include a dual-purpose 3D figure NFT, which can be used for either staking or crafting.

One perk of GRG is that crafting does not burn your NFTs! Further info on this, and the drop, can be found in our Green Paper.

Who inspired the art behind Green Rabbit?

It was actually CREEK that inspired me to start creating 3D figures with my team!

There’s a number of established dApp’s on WAX already – Alien Worlds and R-Planet being the two largest ones at the moment. What unique factors will give you the edge?

We’ll be using a brand-new innovative staking mechanic that utilizes the free space on the Flash Drive NFTs in order to stake. This will help the economy as well as the player base, ensuring no single player can get too big. It also ensures, along with the $10 barrier for entry, that new players will always have a path forward in our game. Coupled with our multi-activity platform, which will allow you to play and earn in several fun and different ways, we’ll have the upper hand.

037-usb2 037-rplanet

Over to you, Sanyika. Could you explain your role in the GRG team?

Sanyika: I suppose I would consider myself a consultant, but I mostly work on the Tokenomics, Game Mechanics, Sales & Marketing.

You’re pretty big into R-Planet (inside the Top 10 in AETHER/hour) – has that helped with developing any aspects of GRG?

Actually, yes. There are many aspects of the game that I don’t think we could have solved as well as we did without help/inspiration from R-Planet. If I’m being blunt, GRG wouldn’t be what it is without R-Planet.

It sounds like fairness and a level-playing field are important aspects of GRG – would this be correct?

I completely agree. Whilst there are items that will stand out to individuals, in general, we wish to keep the barrier to entry low. Hopefully, that will allow for consistent growth that will never be restricted due to high market prices – although we have come to realise we can only nudge things in this direction. The market is the market, and it will do what it likes.

037-mark 037-roadmap

When can we expect to play GRG, and what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

The depends what you define as play. In my mind, the game starts as soon as the figures hit the market – it’s just a different kind of game!

An exact date is TBD, but we’re shooting for before the end of the year. The most up-to-date info can be found on our roadmap.

That brings us to you, SilverSwamp. What’s your role in the GRG team?

SilverSwamp: I work as a Moderator, helping to welcome all the new “bunnies” that arrive in our Discord, and help them get their Validated, Linked and Active roles so they can enjoy the full benefits of being part of The Horde. We do this by answering questions, responding to comments and most importantly, helping them to engage in the chat to achieve their Active role.

The Moderators and the Corporals work hard to help every new arrival. We want to make sure that even the newest person to WAX doesn’t get left behind. Green Rabbit is for everyone.

037-silver 037-usb

What is your favourite NFT that will be included in the drop this week?

My favourite NFT would be the Mythical “Rabbit” Flash Drive. It holds the most room for staking, and will be one of the most difficult to obtain.

Your Discord community has exploded! What’s the experience like in there? A lot busier than the NFT Insider server I imagine!*

I want to first send a nod to my fellow Moderators and Corporals – without you, the Green Rabbit Discord would not be what it is.

The dedication a handful of amazing Rabbits have made is the reason for the continued growth. People know they can come to Green Rabbit and get help finding what they need, quickly. There’s always someone there to lend a hand, even other members.

It definitely gets busy in there and sleep seems elusive, especially recently with the official launch coming up. We are always ready – in the last 24hrs alone, we have experienced more than 1,000+ new members. Personally, I love seeing all the enthusiasm!

*Context: SilverSwamp is also a mod in the NFT Insider Discord.

037-discord 037-lore2

Where would you like GRG to be in 3 months? 6 months? A year?

As Sanyika explained, our roadmap has most of that information, so we have a good idea of what’s happening; the pack drop, NFT staking, crafting “Greenprints”, crafting Anima-Armor, upgrading the armor and then the Ultra-Anima races.

By the end of the year, I’d love to see Shellinium grow on Alcor and allow me to earn an income, full-time.

Next year, I hope we’ll be able to enable PvP combat through our “Arena-Anima” battles and base defence. If you want a good idea of what to expect from Green Rabbit, our Lore is a great place to look.

Quick-fire time, SilverSwamp!

What fuels yourself, and the Green Rabbit team?

My desire to be financially free whilst helping others is what fuels me. I know the Green Rabbit team is determined to produce the best NFT game around, with great mechanics, an excellent story and a strong economy for the WAX community that future projects can use as a model example.

One unusual fact about you, and the team?

I lived in Thailand for 20 years on the beach!

The Green Rabbit team is comprised of amazing people from all over the world; gamers, collectors and crypto investors who are building a game that they themselves would want to play.

037-earth 037-candh

Long-term; crypto or fiat as the predominant currency?

Crypto, though I wish there were more privacy concerns.

You can invite three people, dead or alive, to dinner. Who do you choose and why?

Jerry Garcia because that music changed my life, Douglas Adams because he was a witty, modern-day philosopher, and artist Bill Watterson because Calvin & Hobbes is the greatest comic strip ever created, in my opinion.

What is yours, and GRG’s purpose in life?

My purpose is likely different from many others; I simply want to be left alone to raise my family as I see fit.

Green Rabbit’s purpose is to produce a fun, exciting, long-term NFT game that transcends beyond the crypto space and becomes a household name, whilst allowing families to earn a reasonable income.

How can we follow all things GRG?

Green Rabbit’s main source of information is our Discord – it’s very lively in there 24hrs a day. We also have a great Telegram channel, Twitter, Instagram and of course, our website. There are weekly livestreams and special one-shot interviews on YouTube with Upland Action News and Cryptopunk. NFTGamerTV on Twitch is also a great source of continued information.


As mentioned in the tagline, the Green Rabbit team have sky-high ambitions, not just to conquer the WAX dApp space, but to escalate to what could be a life-changing level for many. Looking at the dedication, passion and experience of the team, they have all the components available to make those ambitions a reality!

Green Rabbit Game will hold their inaugural public drop tomorrow (July 13th) at 15 UTC, with particular community members receiving early access. Head to their Discord to get the latest information.

To mark the interview, we have our Green Rabbit Interview Card – dropping in the near future! (Note: this NFT is NOT stakeable in GRG.)


The Revolutionary Rabbits
Collection: nftinsiderio
Max mint: 250 (1 reserved, 199 public, 30 OGs, 20 Promo Holders)
Drop price: 25 WAX
Dropping: 17/07 22 UTC (public), 22:05 UTC (OGs), 22:10 UTC (Promo Holders)

Drop link: Check our Twitter or Discord!