Explained: Our Interview Card Blends

Ahead of our July 2021 blend tomorrow, let’s break down how these blends work, the rewards, and a little about the philosophy of our NFTs.


15 seconds. That’s how long our inaugural two blends, May 2021 and June 2021, were live before all 50 were allocated, on both occasions.

Before we get into why this was the case, how you can get yours, and what the benefits are, let’s briefly discuss the philosophy behind the NFT Insider collection.

In short – go long.

Our aim is to reward those who are into our collection for the long haul, and to provide increasing levels of value to long-time supporters. The longer you’re a supporter of of our collection, the greater your rewards will be.

Every NFT within the nftinsiderio collection has a use case. Some of these use cases are already known (e.g. Timmy Coin WAX Arena staking), whilst some are yet to be made public (e.g. Golden Timmy & Timmy Token benefits).

With this in mind, let’s discuss our Interview Card blends.


Whenever we interview a project representative in the WAX space, we create an Interview Card NFT to commemorate the occasion. These are the entry point into our collection.

At the time of writing, we’ve created 20 different Interview Cards. These usually drop on the Saturday after the interview goes live at 22 UTC, with a max mint of 150 and a drop price of 25 WAX.


At the end of each month, a Monthly Blend NFT becomes available. You’ll need one of each Interview Card dropped that calendar month to craft this blend. These have a max mint of 50. We’ll refer to these as Tier 1 (T1) blends.

Why blend your Interview Cards? Blend holders are rewarded with the following:


We have plans for Timmy Coins to become the de-facto currency for NFT Insider, with a wide variety of uses. Currently, Timmy Coins earn you PP through WAX Arena. This is just the first of a raft of various utilities and use cases planned for the coin, both externally and internally.

So far, we have created two blends; May 2021 and June 2021. The next blend, July 2021, will become available tomorrow at 22 UTC. News regarding this will hit our Discord first. The Interview Cards you will need to craft this blend are as follows:


After much consideration, it’s been decided that we won’t limit Monthly Blends to 1 per wallet, i.e. you’ll be able to create as many blends as you have the eligible Interview Cards available to do so.

Rewards will be distributed per Monthly Blend NFT, so if you have 3 of the July 2021 blend, you’ll receive 3 Timmy Coins and 3 exclusive Timmy Stickers. In the interests of balance, no matter how many Monthly Blends you have, you’ll get an equal chance at drawing the 1/1 as every other blend holder.

In future, you will be able to combine the Monthly Blends themselves. We’ll refer to these as Tier 2 (T2) blends. The rewards for these will be publicised in due course, but as per our philosophy, the rewards will be enhanced with every tier.

Before you ask – yes, T3 and T4 blends are also in our plans!

We don’t want to give too much information regarding these rewards away, but to give you an idea of our thought process, we’re exploring options across multiple mediums, into areas that we don’t believe NFT rewards, utility and use cases have gone before at the higher tiers.

Whilst we’ll always be proponents of a long-term approach rather than short-term, this structure does present opportunities to collectors who may only pick up one or two Interview Cards here and there. Demand for each card is likely to increase around the blending period, so there’s opportunities aplenty for all collectors, no matter your approach.

We hope this helps to contextualise our NFTs a little better, explains our approach, and gives you an idea of the direction we’re heading in. Should any of the above change, we’ll create a whitepaper, and update it regularly with the latest information.

If you have any questions, want the latest info on our July 2021 blend, or just want to hang out, head to our Discord!