Launch Auction & Giveaway!

Launch Auction & Giveaway

To celebrate our website launch, here’s two opportunities to pick up rare NFTs from us!


We couldn’t launch without giving you all a chance to grab some Timmy’s, could we!

Up for auction is 1x Golden Timmy sticker. Only 10 of these will ever be made, and they will only ever be available on special occasions. Only two have been minted so far, with Hydro holding mint #1, and mint #2 being held by one of our original 100 Telegram members. Does it come with perks? Absolutely – but you’ll have to wait a long time to find out what they are. Any hints? Think next-level physical and digital – super-exclusive benefits.

To give away, we have 5x Token Timmy stickers. Only 100 of these will ever be made, and they will only ever be available as giveaway prizes. These will also have some perks at a later date – who wouldn’t want Token Timmy in their life?

Bidding on the auction and entries for the giveaway both end at 21:00 UTC tomorrow (2nd May). Good luck!

Auction: 1x Golden Timmy
Mint: 3/10
Starting bid: 250 WAX
End time: 21:00 UTC 2nd May


50% of the proceeds will be donated to Uplift.Art to help build a school in Haiti!

Giveaway: 5x Token Timmy
Number of winners: 5 – receiving 1x Token Timmy each
End time: 21:00 UTC 02/05 2nd May