Drop Alert! Metropolis Origins Founder’s Packs & Beta Launch


Drop Alert! Metropolis Origins Founder’s Packs & Beta Launch

Humans and AI stand as equals in the futuristic city of Metropolis in this Cyberpunk-meets-Magic TCG, and today at 18 UTC, you’ll be able to take your first steps into this last bastion of freedom on the New Pacific Rim!


Artificial intelligence has served to inspire and stoke fear in equal measure.

50 years ago, we believed AI would allow for robot butlers and the automation of complex human tasks. Today, deep learning AI is furthering our understanding of our world at rapid speed, but we also fear how AI has been exploited to shape our opinions and track our digital footprint as our lives move increasingly online.

What role, then, will AI play in our future?


Metropolis Origins, a trading card game by indie game studio QXR Studios, is set in a future where climate wars, natural disasters and sentient AI have ravaged our planet, and but one city remains where the vision of a hopeful human-AI future on Earth still thrives – Metropolis.

The spiritual successor to 1987 DOS title Metropolis, this WAX NFT-powered browser-based game has no shortage of talent on its team, with Austin Grossman – best known for his work on the Deus Ex and Dishonoured series, and Graeme Devine – a 40-year veteran with stints at Atari, id Software, Activision and more, plus his own successes with Trilobyte – being two of its core developers.

The team is not short on ambition, aiming to become the Magic the Gathering of NFTs – no small feat, but today, the journey begins.


At 18 UTC today, the Metropolis Origins public Founder’s Pack drops go live.

Five different pack types are available; three $55 USD (in WAXP) 50-card packs for the three in-game factions (Government, Underground and Corporate), a $30 25-card Random Pack, and a $190 250-card Random Pack.

Playtesters, whitelisted Citizens and website subscribers all get early access or reserved packs, with the whitelisted drop taking place 1 hour earlier at 17 UTC.

Once a user has 50 cards in their wallet, they can link their WAX wallet to the game and start playing the beta immediately.


It was only going to be a matter of time before the WAX blockchain began to attract serious developer talent, and both Grossman and Devine are well-respected, experienced heads that have pioneered innovation in the games industry across their near 70-years of combined experience.

As blockchain games hit fever pitch on WAX, Metropolis Origins has the proven talent behind it to become a cornerstone of the space.

This drop is a litmus test that I’m sure other developers are keeping a very close eye on. Grossman and Devine are pioneers once again, and I’ve no doubt the WAX community will be in raptures at their arrival.

Metropolis Origins’ public Founder’s Pack drop and Beta launch takes place at 18 UTC today. You can view the drops here, check out the website here, and join their Discord here.