An Interview with OxO, Creator of Japan Stamps

This young, talented French artist talks doodling, his introduction to the NFT space, and how his favourite animal (surprisingly) isn’t a rabbit!


Take a love of Japanese culture, a boatload of French artistic talent, and some rabbits, and blend them all together. What do you get? No, not a messy kitchen! You get one of the rising stars of the WAX NFT scene – OxO.

I first came across his work in the early stages of his Japan Stamps collection, and knew I was looking at someone very special. After chatting with him recently, I have no doubt that this is one artist you’ll absolutely want to keep an eye on for the future!

Stick around to the end of the interview to see both an OxO Card NFT and a collab NFT!

Hydro: OxO, thank you for taking the time to have a chat. Could you tell me a bit about yourself, your background and how you got into NFTs?

OxO: First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed – this is my first!

My name is OxO and I’m a 21 year-old Graphic Design student hailing from Strasbourg, France. I discovered NFTs thanks to TheBlackSea – he’s my Graphic Design teacher! I get along really well with him, and he’s taught me everything I know. He was the one who encouraged me to start creating my own NFTs – I’m a shy person and I was afraid of how people would react, but I decided to take the leap and the AtomicHub community has welcomed me with open arms. I’m very happy that my work so far has found some appreciative fans!


What is the idea behind Japan Stamps? Why did you decide to go for a Japanese theme with your NFTs?

The goal of Japan Stamps is to be a rare, collectable version of my work – I wanted to create a collection of cards with the things I draw every day.

I chose the Japanese theme because I am a huge fan of the culture! My work is full of Japanese pop culture references – I just love drawing in this style.

If the collection is successful, I can see a Top Trumps-style Japan Stamp card game in future… but for now, I’m having fun coming up with visuals and displaying them in the cards I create. As I’m still a student, I’m having trouble finding the time to work on the game aspect – I hope the community will be patient in waiting for this!

A game would be an interesting idea going forwards! Your logo (a rabbit icon) seems to be at odds with this collection – how did that come about?

It’s an interesting story actually! When I was little, I loved rabbits and used to draw them all the time. I made two small circles for the eyes and a cross for the mouth – that’s where my artist name comes from! I remember my mother telling me that she loved my rabbit drawings; it’s fascinating to me that I still use the same rabbit design today that I drew all those years ago. It’s become a part of me now.

That’s so heartwarming! I would presume rabbits are your favourite animals then?

Actually, my favourite animals are toucans, not rabbits!


Out of all the platforms/currencies, why did you choose AtomicHub/WAX for Japan Stamps?

I chose AtomicHub because of its ease of access and friendly community. TheBlackSea helped me understand how the site works, and I think that for a newcomer to NFTs, AtomicHub is the perfect platform! Now that I’ve used AtomicHub for a few months, I’m excited to see how it evolves, and where the future lies for the WAX blockchain itself.

What are your favourite NFTs at the moment? Are there any artists you like in particular?

I don’t really have a favourite NFT right now – I like to look at what’s out there and buy what I like, preferably from smaller artists. Of course, If I had to name one artist I like it would have to be my teacher, TheBlackSea! Another artist I particularly like is LuxExpression, who makes beautiful NFTs over on Rarible.

I’ll have to check out their work! I loved the marble collaboration with Quentin Govart – are you looking forward to future collaborations like this?

Thank you! Yes, there will be collaborations with artists in each series, and I’m open to collaborating with anyone! If I could choose, I would love to work with Pepe or, of course, TheBlackSea.

Where do you see Japan Stamps 12 months from now?

I have no idea where Japan Stamps will be in 12 months. I don’t worry about things like that much – I live each day as it comes. I made this collection to share my passion more than anything else. I have a lot of fun producing Japan Stamps and I will continue to try my best and diversify my collection at my own pace.


Where do you think WAX will be a year from now, and what do you think will happen to the value of $WAXP?

At the moment, the price of WAXP is very volatile. Instead of making my collection expensive, I’ve deliberately priced it to be accessible to everyone! As more and more people come to AtomicHub, it’s inevitable that the value of $WAXP will increase, but I’ll always make my collection as accessibly-priced as I can.

You’re currently midway through your second series of Japan Stamps, titled “Doodles”. Could you tell us a bit about this series?

This series features mostly hand-drawn characters that are digitized and embedded into cards. The “Doodle” name is because I’m a huge fan of the artist Mr. Doodle, and my art style is based on doodling too. It’s had so much love so far – I hope the community will enjoy the rest of the series!

What’s coming after Doodle? Any exciting projects in the works?

As it’s been popular so far, I think after Doodle I will release Series 3 of Japan Stamps. I don’t have an exact title yet, but I do know that it will be 50 cards minimum, with a rework of the card design and the introduction of packs with a blending element. Maybe also a nice advance of the upcoming Unity collection…

As my work evolves over time, the closer it gets to the ultimate goal of a concrete, playable TCG!


Let’s wrap up with a few quick-fire questions;

Tea, coffee, or something else?


Summer or winter?

Summer – for the beach, warm evenings and… girls. I have a girlfriend!

Long-term; crypto or fiat?


One unusual fact about you?

Here’s two! First, in football, I’m a right-back, and I’m a big butcher – a French expression to say that I am quite violent on the football field!

Second, I’m a very bad loser! (omg aha)

You can invite 3 people, dead or alive, to dinner. Who do you choose?

I choose my cousin (who died in the November 2015 Paris attacks), my brother and my girlfriend.

I’m sorry to hear about your cousin.

How can we follow you and your work?

Join our Telegram and follow my Twitter!


OxO was a joy to interview, and we still talk on a regular basis about his collection. He’s a kind-hearted, wonderful guy who is well-worth keeping on your radar, so I’d wholeheartedly recommend giving him a follow and joining his Telegram – you’ll find me hanging out in there every so often too!

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Interview with OxO, Japan Stamps - OxO Timmy

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