Emmy Award Winner Robert Valley is coming to WAX

Emmy Award Winner Robert Valley is coming to WAX

Fresh off his biggest award wins to date, this accomplished animator will partner with LGND to drop The Vice Collection, this Thursday at 15 UTC.


Since their launch in May of this year, LGND have brought an eye-watering level of talent to the NFT space.

From household names such as Pierce Brosnan, to recognised artists such as Goro Fujita and Haroshi, they’ve helped to elevate and expand the scope of the NFT space like few others before them.

This week, they break the mold once again.

With over 25 years of experience as a top-draw animator, Robert Valley is currently at the very top of his game. He’s recently picked up not one, but two Emmy Awards – one for Ice, a short produced as part of Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots, and another for his work as Production Designer on that short.

Robert’s work has a very distinct, stylised flair to it. Each piece is full of atmosphere and presence – an effect that’s taken a lifetime to master.

In a recent interview with LGND (which I would highly recommend!), Valley discussed the development of his style;

The development years were all comic artists, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Neil Adams, then I discovered Frazetta, I was stuck there for quite some time. Then I discovered the three M’s – Mignola, Minara and Moebius.

In my animation career I have had two big influences. The first was Peter Chung (Aeon Flux) and the other was Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz). I think my style is a bit of a cocktail of all these things.

One look at his work, and this makes perfect sense. His blend of comic-book storytelling, emotion and gritty realism has won him fans the world over, and tomorrow at 15 UTC, we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to grab our own little slice of his world.

The Vice Collection is a set of three pieces of animation, focused around smoking and drinking, taken from some of Robert’s best work thus far.

There’s Pear Cider Movie Poster at $3,333 (1st image), Party Pan at $999 (above), and Atomic Drag at $111 (below).

Each beautifully-animated piece is accompanied by music from Antiek, composed by French animator and composer Martial Coulon. The marriage of audio and visuals across all three pieces couldn’t be stronger.

Furthermore, Pear Cider Movie Poster and Party Pan come with a physical Vice Box, containing a range of goodies and surprises, whilst Atomic Drag enters you into a raffle for such a box.

As with every LGND drop, payment can be taken by CC, by ETH or by WAX, with the resulting NFT minted to your WAX wallet.

For collectors everywhere, this is a unique opportunity to acquire the debut NFTs of an animator that’s on top of the world right now.

As mentioned in his LGND interview, Robert openly states that he has “a few more stories to tell”, and he’s hoping that NFTs may make it possible to tell them. This drop holds the power to extract future brilliance from this esteemed animator, and when his work is at the quality on display above, we owe it to the world to be able to bring these untold stories to life.

Robert Valley’s The Vice Collection drops tomorrow at 15 UTC on LGND. Click here to explore the collection, and here to read his interview with the LGND team.