No Scare, No Ever: An Interview with Senor Lupe, WAX’s Best Fren


No Scare, No Ever: An Interview with Senor Lupe, WAX’s Best Fren

We sat down with this GOAT of good vibes to discuss his artist origins, his love for collaborations, and how he’s spreading joy, happiness and positivity across the crypto space!


The crypto space can be a very turbulent one.

Blockchain fans are often very passionate, and passion can quickly lead to tribalism, ugly sentiments brewing and tempers flaring – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

One BTC and WAX lover is spreading love, togetherness and friendship to everyone he meets, and is bringing the whole community together through his wonderful art and amusing personality – Senor Lupe.

With Season 3 of his hand-drawn PFP series, the Chummy’s, dropping on the 25th of this month, we were well overdue a chat about what makes him tick!

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Hydro: Hey! Could you tell me a bit about yourself, your background and how you got into NFTs?

Senor Lupe: Hola! Gracias for opportunity to has interview Senor Hydros! Is an honours an a blessings. Gracias for all you do in the WAX community!

I is Lupe; cryptos traders an NFT creators. Is has Rancho de Lupe in Texas – I is raise the bes an fastes horses for all the planets. Mr. Chummy by far the bes horse to has ever live.


I firs is has interes in cryptos when I hear BTC is firs hit 10k. Lupe is think to myself, I can no miss is train to moon! I buy is firs time, Decembers 2017, an start is Lupe cryptos journies.

Lupe is then attracted to traders lifestyles so I is teach my self trading, technicals analysis an charts. May 2018, I is decide to officially join Twitters! When I do, is was huge! Cryptos Twitters is take in Lupe with they open arms, an we is navigate bear markets for years!

Lupe is encourages people to no be scare. Lupe is tells people to no quit cryptos. I says please no sell your BTC – one day glorys is return. We joke is during salt seasons, we meme is, we is make people smile until bulls is return. I was no ever part of bull runs, I is join during worse bear markets!

I is notice early 2021 people is talk so much ‘bout NFT? Lupe for years mainly BTC cryptos account – I has many frens ask Lupe, “Wen is shirts? Wen is mugs? Wen is NFTs?”

In my past, Lupe is LOVE to art. Cartoon styles is my favors, though no ever is limits myself, or put is into box. I is has interest in NFT, no as buyer of projects or to flip is NFT for monies – I is interest to create my arts an sell is to any amigos thas interested.

I has close amigo, Senor Crypto Euclid, who is finally tell Lupe, “WE NEED IS LUPE MERCH! JUS DO IS LUPE!”, an thas my motivations to start NFT.

But I was no sure platforms or technology. I has another amigo, Senor Docos, who tells Lupe, “Wen you gonna create is NFTs on WAX?”. I says to mi amigo, “WAX? I is needa check is!”

148-5 148-card

I is then see Senor Bosaks for WAX, I then is see Senor ‘Stache for WAX, so I is make decisions to mint is to WAX. I almos go ETH firs, but gas fees was no attractive. I was no ready to pay to jus list NFT.

Is finally has courage to test myself an my arts an I create my firs ever nft. I IS NO SCARE! NO EVER!

I minted an drop to secondaries directly an made is my firs sales before I ever is buy an NFT! I WAS THE BES DAY EVERS! I could no believe is I could art an has my frens purchase if they is please. I was ready to is see how far Lupe hans could take is!

It’s been 1 year since you started your collection on WAX! What inspired you to start your collection?

My genesis collections is name Tweets Moments. The thought was to has Lupe tweets, but as an NFT, an you could purchase is my tweet NFT thas animated.

Each moment is represen is own theme, is past famous quotes Lupe drop over the years. Is why my firs NFTs is “I IS NO SCARE NO EVER, SCARE MONIES NO MAKE MONIES”, an I jus start to art is Tweets Moments NFTs an mi amigos luv them!

148-hippie 148-frens

Lupe was inspire by ideas to create is arts an sell is directly to my frens with no middle mans. I is always love to art, years though I no really did is since is a hobby, but is no easy ways for artis to make. Now though is finally artist chance in the worlds to show they true selves an find the audience thas luv them an they arts. I is see how people love my arts, is a humbling experience!

Senor Bosaks an community is take Lupe in an we grow is all year! The WAX community is has probably the bigges inspirations wen I start is. Everyone so helpful, like my bes amigo Senor DJ Meatpopsicles. The community is support Lupe an show so much loves. I is stay inspired daily by community!

What got you into art in the first place?

My whole life Lupe is love to art. Wen I is little children in middle schools an high schools, I is use to love to draw in classes! I do jus enough to pass is the class, an rest of the time I is draw! Is love to cartoon art, would love to graffiti art, an would art for all my frens binders – I would draw is they names in a cool ways!

I is always had a passions to art that sadly is ges lost as we grow. We get is our families, we get is our responsibilities, an sometime is lose is the things we love the most. Is really a blessings for Lupe to has secon chance to devote is myself to my arts! 

148-4 148-bones2

What cartoons, or other pieces of media (art, TV, movies etc.) inspire your art?

I is truly a 90s kids! Whether is Ninjas Turtles, Super Nintendos, Powers Rangers, Nickelodeons, anythings thas huge from 90s Lupe is soak is all up.

I is feel mos of my arts is come from passions of Lupe youth! I is love 80s/90s so much. Our cultures in Americas is so affected by things from past I now is try my bes to keep is alive thru my arts! Chummy Series 3 is all retro inspire from my past!

I’ve heard a rumour that you create all of your NFTs on an iPad. Is this true?

Si amigo! If I do is arts thas no pixel, is from iPads! All Chummys is my hans, apple pencil an iPads!

If is pixels, Lupe is use my PC. Wen I firs start to drop Lupe NFTs, they is all pixel only – is my way to show my loves for Nintendos eras. Lupe is has special connections to pixels, but Lupe is worry I get is put into box. I is no wanted to be an artis thas jus do pixel, so I take is the chance, invest in myselfs an I is get an iPads! I push is myself to bring differen arts an thas how my chummys was born!

I is maybe think at firs is oke to do them in pixel, but instead I is think of my youth Lupe, an how I is use to draws in class. Is was no pixel, so iPads really is bring Lupe back to my youths!

I still has no fully put is on display what I think I can do. 2022 Lupe will continues to push myself to new limits!

148-2 148-s3

You’ve mentioned Chummy Series 3 – when can we expect that to drop?

Si amigo! Nex 100 Chummys, Series 3, is drop Februarys 25, 21 UTC!

I firs was thinkin to try to drop is Januarys 2022, now I is think Feb is make more sense. I try to no ever is rush is. I focuses more for collabs in Januarys, so Chummys is push back a little.

My projec is living projec! Is always happenin, is always artin, I gonna create is Chummys til 10k!

Speaking of collaborations, you’ve done a whole bunch of them in your time on WAX – what does the community mean to you, and are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with?

Si, I has done so many collabs in community! They is my favor arts really, wen you has two artis from across the planets, an we can art is together, like we kids – an we has full ownerships to make decisions on piece. We create is with our hans, an spread is into the world!

Communities is everythings. I learn is from cryptos Twitters since 2018. I is build mi familia priors to NFTs since I always is focus for community. Mi amigos is mean the worlds to me. From is start wen I has 1 followers on Twitters – if you is follow an support Lupe, you is mi familia. Lupe really is no exist if is no for community.

148-tg 148-3

Years in cryptos Twitter I try is bes to lead the community through the bears of 2018-2019. Every day we is wake is an remind the peoples to no be scare.

I no ever is scams. I no ever is be mean. I is try my bes to lead is by examples. An lead is by love. Community is the bloods thas gonna pump the whole systems. Wen a blockchains or projec no has the community behind is, is no really attractive. You can pictures the projec where is no really bout the community, but is more for monies. I no ever is wanna chase is the monies. Si, monies is good to gains, is make life easier, but I is wanna see all amigos make is.

We all is love art, the peoples is come together, daily we is meet. Is like big business, but is the people thas own is! We is make the decisions based on community ebbs an flow.

An WAX community? Is the bes, so positive, is so supportive, we all really is has each others back. Is no care for price of WAX. Is no care if you new artist. I is find my new homes in WAX NFTs community because is represens something so specials. If you is part of is, you know what I is talkin about!

I has collab with so many amazin people, but is has so many other amazin artis I is wanna collab with! I do no is care if you has 100 followers, if you art dope, I is wanna collab is with you!

If Lupe is bless to collab with bigger projecs, I is so happy to do is! Jus recently I is had the chance to collab is with Senor Kool Keiths! I also is has a piece in nex Unity Packs from Blockchain Heroes – Kung Lupe, an I also is jus has the blessin to collab is with WAX blockchains them self!

But Lupe also is has a Kumas collab soon? Maybe is Ultra Rares? I maybe gonna collab is with Crypto Swatch? I is hear a Miss Teens versions 2? Has you hear WAX Balls? Maybe is Lupe x Marcus? Senor Miggy x Lupe? LUPE x HYDROS? SIR I IS RDY TO COLLAB IS WITH ENTIRE COMMUNITYS, I NO SCARE!

148-kl 148-6

Take us through the process of creating one of your NFTs – what software do you use, and how long does each one take to create?

Oh, Lupe is has many differen tools I use for arts. Wen I firs is join WAX, I only is do pixel art! y Aseprite were two programs I is rly enjoy!

My process is firs the piece is has to speak to Lupe in my heads. If I is no excited about ideas, the sketch also is no excite Lupe. The ones I is decide to mint is the ideas thas spark so much excitemens! I can no wait to sketch is! When sketch is complete, I is even more excite since I now get to add is colour!

Wen I has nailed down all pixel, I move is into animations phase. I is no has a historys of animations. Whole life I is had a want to try is, an now I has my chance. I start to art is pixel animations only an is been a learning experience! I still is learning today new tricks!

My true past of art was no in pixel, my life I is luv to pencil an pad draw, is luv cartoon styles, graffiti arts, crazy faces – so I decides to take a chances an invest in myself to purchase is an iPads. I did no wanna box is myself into pixels corners, so start arts using ProCreates, is use FlipaClips, is use Adobe Fresco, an approach is the same as pixel arts, an is how I come to creatin Chummys!

I work is through my pieces little slower than mos people, but depending on is piece, is take about three days to is maybe a week on some, sometimes longer if projec is bigger. Chummys series of 100 is take Lupe a month. One day is maybe I hit a stride an is only focuses for Chummys, an we is blast to 1k!

148-7 148-bones1

Who are your favourite NFT artists at the moment? Are there any collections that you like in particular?

Oooh my favor artis in the spaces is rly hard – everyone thas participates is my favourite!

If I has to choose one, is everyone favor Senor Bones! Is love amigos styles an is huge part of WAX communitys. Is love his approach to arts an wen we is collab is Senor y Bones, is was the funnes an smoothes experience!

What have you enjoyed the most about working on your NFTs?

The thing I has enjoy the mos about workin on Lupe NFTs is the collabs. I is love to art an is bless I can do is for mi amigos, but wen is come to collabs, is a specials things, especially on WAX wen you has no limitations!

Collabs is remind Lupe to a times wen I was little Lupes. In schools you frens is see you art on you folders an ask you to art is for them. I would love to draw is my frens names in cool styles. They flaunt is on they folders – I is has collabs in my bloods!

What are your goals for 2022?

Is goals simple Senor Hydros, I grind is daily for mi familia. I jus wanna has fun, continues at my pace, though I jus 1 artis – no team, just Lupe – I do no ever rush is anything. I take is as the universe deliver is. I believe in is perfec timing an I no questions is.

My goals 2022 is to no change what I has been. I is jus wanna continues what we has built for WAX familias, an soon is glorys fully reach for all the people!

148-rogan 148-1

Is there anything you’d like to add? Anything you’d like to say directly to the reader?

I lastly jus wanna says gracias again to all the people thas support Lupe. I rly is jus one mans. Is my hans. I is luv cryptos, BTC an WAX. Is rly a blessin to has opportunity to art is for everyone an to has people thas wanna spen they monies for my arts.

I take is serious. I is take my amigos serious. You guys is mean the mos to Lupe. Without you guys I is jus Lupe. But you guys is continues to shower your fren in love an I can no thank is enough. Is wish I had the words to show is, so instead I let is my actions show. I show is up daily an try to lead is in love, no is be mean, an to no be scare… no ever.

It’s quick-fire time!

What fuels you?

I is truly believe my faith in the universes is what fuels Lupe the mos. Wen you has blind trust in universe, universe is trust you!

One unusual fact about you?

Is one unusual fact, Lupe is DJ. I can mix is 1’s an 2’s no problem. You bring is Lupe to you party, no one is sit!

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

One piece of advice, other to no be scare, is no quit you self. If you believe in you self, an you is havin fun, an you love is regardless if monies is come, then go for is! Your day will come – no let the down days define your path!

148-squiggle 148-pizza

You can invite three people, real or fictional, to dinner. Who do you choose and why?

Oooh three peoples Lupe is take to dinners?! Hmmm, oke firs persons nex to Lupe, Kenn Bosaks. Secon persons I is need next to mi, Senor Sebastians from Blockchain Blunts. Las persons to bring is all togethers, is need Senor Dwayne Johnsons, if you is smell what your fren is cookin!

What is your purpose in life?

Is purpose is life is to spread is my love into the universe an try to leave is the world a better places for the childrens. Lupe purpose is to defends the truth an speak is the truth, even wen is no fun. Every persons can change the world jus by your attitude. I is choose happiness!

How can we follow you and your work?

Bes way to follow your fren Lupe is Twitters! You can also check is my website to follows all my arts! Lasly, you can join is Lupe Telegrams!

Senor Lupe is a leading example of the positivity that passion can bring into the space. Passion for his art, passion for the community and passion to help his fellow creators and collectors alike – he’s a beacon of laughter and smiles wherever he goes.

It’s all too easy to be caught up in intense debate over which chain is best, who’s art is better, and what projects are doing right or wrong. Lupe takes it back to what it’s all about – having fun – and the WAX community and beyond is very fortunate to have him be a part of our crypto family.

To mark this interview, we have our free Senor Lupe Interview Card, dropping next week!


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