This Week on the WAX Blockchain (January 2 – January 8)


This Week on the WAX Blockchain (January 2 – January 8)

Avalon, Shnazzy, Realm and more – 2023 is kicking-off with a bang with drops and updates on the WAX blockchain!


Dapplica’s Ukraine humanitarian fundraiser drop is still ongoing. You can find the drop on AtomicHub. All proceeds go towards verified charitable organisations that provide assistance to victims of the Ukrainian crisis.

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Drop Calendar

Monday (02/01/23)

17:00 UTC – Pixtalgia and ArtVndngMchn collaborate!
21:00 UTC – Immersys are back with a Base Armours drops!

Tuesday (03/01/23)

21:00 UTC – Chair drops another unique chair

Wednesday (04/01/23)

No drops today!

Thursday (05/01/23)

Zombiecoin kick-off their 2023 Puzzle Challenge!

1:00 UTC – Shnazzy releases a phygital painting!
16:00 UTC – Don’t Count Your Chickens drop their V2 Weapons!
19:00 UTC – ArtVndngMchn is back with their Thrill Ride NFT!
19:00 UTC – Avalon bring us a set of Silver Alpha Passes!

Friday (06/01/23)

Realm kick-off their Double XP event at 22:30 UTC!

Saturday (07/01/23)

WhiteDragon hold more figurine blends, starting 15:00 UTC!

18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic need some help!
18:00 UTC – Cat Stickers drop another mystery cat!

Sunday (08/01/23)

20:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto round out the week with a mystery collab!

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Check back every Sunday to get your lowdown of the WAX NFT drops to look out for every week!


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