This Week on the WAX Blockchain (October 17 – October 23)


This Week on the WAX Blockchain (October 17 – October 23)

Funko, Heroes of Arcan, TAG and many more – as the days get colder, the drops heat up on the WAX blockchain!


Dapplica’s Ukraine humanitarian fundraiser drop is still ongoing. You can find the drop here. All proceeds go towards verified charitable organisations that provide assistance to victims of the Ukrainian crisis.

IMPORTANT: If you’re a creator, please submit your drops and updates here!


Drop Calendar

Monday (17/10/22)

17:00 UTC – ClashDome bring us their Gamerism Badge NFTs!
18:00 UTC – BeeDen drop their second ZomBee of the month!
19:00 UTC – Heroes of Arcan hit us with their Tool Pack!
21:00 UTC – Chair gives us his first Canvas drop of the week!

Tuesday (18/10/22)

Castles release their Blacksmith Guild at 18:00 UTC!

11:00 UTC – Sublime Sounds drop their first ever pack!
14:00 UTC – Galeria hold a Series 2 Los Ais drop!
17:00 UTC – ArtVndngMchn are back with their Vintage Horsepower NFT!
18:00 UTC – Funko return with Series 2 of their Halloween collection!
19:20 UTC – Marcus holds his weekly drop!
21:00 UTC – Chair gives us his second Canvas drop of the week!

Wednesday (19/10/22)

Castles launch Season 2 of their free-to-play mode!

16:00 UTC – Taco and NFT Insider collaborate!
16:00 UTC – Crypto Chibi are back with their Collector’s Edition Gorilla!
19:00 UTC – Avalon release a set amount of land & homes!
21:00 UTC – Chair gives us his third Canvas drop of the week!

Thursday (20/10/22)

14:00 UTC – Crypto Swatch and @troysartwork collaborate!
21:00 UTC – Chair hits us with a virtual clothing drop!

Friday (21/10/22)

Animal World release their ticket system!

17:00 UTC – Chair and sk8coin collaborate!
23:59 UTC – Santino Ramos auctions off a 1-of-1 Halloween NFT!

Saturday (22/10/22)

12:00 UTC – TAG is back, and they’re dropping a Halloween Event Pass!
16:00 UTC – Corporate World drop their Hard-Boiled Infernals packs!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic give us their Pencil & Hourglass drop!
21:00 UTC – Chair hits us with a unique skateboarding drop!

Sunday (23/10/22)

Waxel Ninjas kick-off their Lost Treasures event!

20:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto round out the week with a mystery drop!

Want to feature your drop on our calendar? Apply here, or send a message to John | Hydropwrd#0001 on Discord!

Check back every Sunday to get your lowdown of the WAX NFT drops to look out for every week!


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