This Week on WAX (June 27 – July 3)

Funko x My Little Pony, Music Mogul and Trailer Park Boys – it’s a MASSIVE week for WAX!


Some things in the world are far more important than NFTs and crypto. Our deepest thoughts and support are with everyone affected by the Ukrainian crisis, and we hope and pray for a swift end to the bloodshed and a return to peace. #WeStandWithUkraine.

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Dapplica’s Ukraine humanitarian fundraiser drop is still ongoing. You can find the drop here. All proceeds go towards verified charitable organisations that provide assistance to victims of the Ukrainian crisis.

Drop Schedule

Monday (27/06/22)

00:00 UTC – Consonant Design drops another Chonk NFT!
12:00 UTC – ClashDome bring us an item drop!
12:00 UTC – Orchid Hunter release some Founders’ Coin packs!
17:00 UTC – LandBox drop their Starter Packs!
18:00 UTC – OrderWorks hold a token drop!
19:00 UTC – NFT Stonkers do a flash sale for their CPU rental service!

Tuesday (28/06/22)

15:00 UTC – RAWR! Cards release Monster #15; the last of Series 2!
17:00 UTC – Music Mogul, the newest game from WAX Studios, hold their first pack drop for artist talent!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops bring us their first Yoshi Dailies drop of the week!
17:30 UTC – MUD drop their territory packs!
18:00 UTC – Funko return with their latest drop, partnering with My Little Pony!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic and ConsumerBreak collaborate!
19:10 UTC – Marcus and Pizza Slice collaborate!
20:00 UTC – Galeria release Series 2 of their Cuquitos NFTs!

Wednesday (29/06/22)

16:00 UTC – TokenGirlsLV drop their We Stand Together NFTs!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops hit us with their second Yoshi Dailies drop of the week!

Thursday (30/06/22)

15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatches and JRG collaborate!
16:00 UTC – Box Maze World hold their land sale!
16:00 UTC – Waxel Ninjas bring us a supporting drop for their professions!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops hit us with their third and final Yoshi Dailies drop of the week!
17:00 UTC – Ocean Defenders release a set of animated blends!

Friday (01/07/22)

12:00 UTC – TAG release their final stat badge, the Badge of Luck!
13:20 UTC – LeftHouse drops his Digi Jewels pack!
17:00 UTC – Taco hit us with a collector drop!
17:00 UTC – WAX Comics bring us a card pack!
18:00 UTC – Order of Other drop a sword pack!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic hold their 1 Year Anniversary drop!
23:00 UTC – Shnazzy and Cristalla collaborate!

Saturday (02/07/22)

00:00 UTC – Orchid Hunter hold a sticker drop!
16:00 UTC – Corporate World and Maiki collaborate!
17:00 UTC – Trailer Park Boys launch their NFT collection, powered by NFTNT!
17:00 UTC – Varialands bring us their mine sale!
18:00 UTC – Cat Stickers hit us with their champ blend!
18:00 UTC – Terraformers release their Blackhole Cannon packs!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic drop their charges!

Sunday (03/07/22)

20:00 UTC – CryptoDeadz round out the week with their land sale!

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