This Week on WAX (July 19 – July 25)

POPCORP, Golden Cage, Breeders and more – it’s a week of HUGE launches on WAX!


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Tuesday 16:00 UTC – The highly-anticipated POPCORP collection launches on WAX with their Tumba Packs!


Wednesday 19:00 UTC – Ishiki Arata drops Cards #6, #7 and #8 from the Yokai Collection!


Thursday 17:00 UTC – Golden Cage hits the chain with their inaugural bag drop!


Friday 18:00 UTC – Survival Game officially launch their collection on WAX!


Friday 22:00 UTC – CryptoMoonie #014 hits the blockchain!


Saturday 17:00 UTC – Breeders hold their debut pack drop!

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!

Monday (19/07/21)

00:00 UTC – LGND.art drop Interlinked, a collection with Ash Thorp!
19:00 UTC – DestiNATIONS hold their third pack drop of Series 1!
19:00 UTC – New World NFT release a Timmy collab card onto the blockchain!
20:00 UTC – FatBaby have their first drop on WAX, in collaboration with Gods & Legends AND CryptoStache!
22:00 UTC – EleBlob launches Generation 2 – The Fusion Series!

Tuesday (20/07/21)

3:00 UTC – Gnome Series are dropping Parallel Cards for some of their newest gnomes!
14:30 UTC – Worlds of SMIL release a new Object!
15:00 UTC – Gods & Legends are back with another deity-inspired character – Amaterassu!
16:00 UTC – POPCORP‘s Launch – see major drops above!
17:00 UTC – Galeria drop some new NFTs from Dither Art!
17:00 UTC – Cat Stickers introduce us to Dinky!
17:00 UTC – Zendodo have another Roundhouse Kick NFT in-store!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio bring us a ’69 Mustang Sketch Card!
18:00 UTC – Grim Folks drop Frame 2 from Episode 1 of their Grand Tour!
19:00 UTC – OxO drops a collab NFT with Noa Collectibles!
19:00 UTC – MetalHed hold their Player Final drop!
19:00 UTC – MORBS with WAXGANG #10 – Zombaes of the Underground!
20:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly drop!

Wednesday (21/07/21)

YoshiDrops enters Phase 2 today, with the long-term memberships locked-in at 16 UTC!

15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatch is back with another collab, this time with Grim Folks!
16:00 UTC – Crypto Chibi release a Collector’s Edition Drop!
16:00 UTC – Endless Loot have another armour drop for us!
17:00 UTC – Red Panda and Digital Ducks release a collab!
17:30 UTC – Bounsters release their cartoon collection onto the blockchain!
18:00 UTC – NFT Panda are holding a free drop!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic are dropping 100 Swag Kits!
19:00 UTC – Ishiki Arata‘s Yokai #6, #7 and #8 – see major drops above!
19:00 UTC – DedHed with the third card of his Sketchbook Series!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto give us a scare with a Series 2 Zombie!
19:35 UTC – Windy’s Cavern drops a piece titled Bitcoin in Space!
20:00 UTC – CryptoSharks have a new shark for us!
UPDATE – stuckatsixpm‘s Currency Card drop has been moved to Saturday 21:30 UTC!
23:20 UTC – JRG treats us to a free drop!

Thursday (22/07/21)

14:30 UTC – Worlds of SMIL drop their second Object of the week!
15:00 UTC – Gods & Legends and CryptoStache collaborate on a new NFT!
17:00 UTC – Golden Cage‘s Launch Drop – see major drops above!
17:00 UTC – Zendodo with their second drop of the week – a Spinning Kick!
17:00 UTC – Cat Stickers celebrates with a Birthday Cat!
17:00 UTC – Spinning Icons bring us some HD Bitcoin!
18:00 UTC – CAIT on WAX drops another song as part of their CAIT Music collection!
18:00 UTC – Grim Folks drop Frame 3 from Episode 1 of their Grand Tour!
18:30 UTC – Boris The Creator drops another NFT from the Funky Boris collection!
19:00 UTC – MORBS with WAXGANG #11 – Senor Lupe!
20:00 UTC – UnderSea release their Corals Launch Pack!
22:30 UTC – Sticky Little Slimers returns with CyberGirls #3 and #4!

Friday (23/07/21)

15:00 UTC – RAWR! Cards drop their Battle of Breadcrumbs Sticker Packs!
16:00 UTC – NFT Story Cards hold their Chapter 1 Pack Launch!
16:00 UTC – Beast of Oni release a new Object Card!
16:00 UTC – Crypto Chibi drop their Blend Ball!
17:00 UTC – Toys of Crypto show us a 3D Astronaut!
18:00 UTC – Survival Game‘s Official Launch – see major drops above!
19:00 UTC – Kaos Moon drop their Classic Packs & Boxes!
20:00 UTC – Galaktika have their first pack drop at the ready!
22:00 UTC – CryptoMoonies #014 – see major drops above!
23:20 UTC – Blockchain Blunts drop another new accessory for Kennee and Dutchee!

Saturday (24/07/21)

6:00 UTC – FineArt2Hodl have another Series 2 promo for us!
8:00 UTC – The World of Botanica come at us with their Gen 4 Pack Drop!
16:00 UTC – Corporate World bring us a Character Pack – Mark Hunter!
16:00 UTC – Train of the Century hold their Conductor Whitelist drop!
17:00 UTC – Breeders’ Launch – see major drops above!
17:30 UTC – Zendodo hold a ZenMother’s drop!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto drop the second Key to the Crypto!
21:30 UTC – stuckatsixpm has a dynamic Location Card in-store! I wonder where we’re headed…
22:00 UTC – We drop our next Interview Card!

Sunday (25/07/21)

17:00 UTC – Toys of Crypto wrap up the week with their Toyz Card packs!

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