This Week on WAX (September 6 – September 12)


This Week on WAX (September 6 – September 12)

BABYMETAL, the return of LGND, and NeftyBlocks’ Cross-Collection Pack Blend – as the days get cooler, the drops heat up on WAX!



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Coming soon… a super-interesting Prologue Pack from HushWink, featuring a variety of your favourite WAX personalities (and one pink-haired friend)! Collect and upgrade these influencers to defeat Phobos and Mammon – find out more by heading to the HushWink website!



Tuesday 22:00 UTC – In celebration of our acquisition by AtomicHub, we’re dropping a free AtomicHub Timmy NFT!


Friday 22:00 UTC – CREEK continues with Generation 4 of the CryptoMoonies with Socho Kusama!


Saturday 22:00 UTC – We drop our next Interview Card… now absolutely free!

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!

Monday (06/09/21)

13:00 UTC – JRG is holding a special NFT drop after an unfortunate accident!
15:00 UTC & 22:00 UTC – CREEK drops Moonie Punk #18 from the CryptoMoonies collection!
17:00 UTC – Golden Cage return to their weekday drops with Story Card #16!
18:00 UTC – Order of Other drop their sought-after Membership Cards

Tuesday (07/09/21)

17:00 UTC – It’s Story Card #17 for Golden Cage!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio, Jack of Hearts and Lowpoly Media come together for a collab!
18:00 UTC – Grim Folks drop the Red variant of their Lord Mockula 3D card!
19:00 UTC – NeftyBlocks‘ much-hyped Cross-Collection Pack Blend goes live!
20:20 UTC – Senor Lupe releases a Groovy Gravy Gang collab!
20:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly drop!
22:00 UTC – NFT Insider x AtomicHub Timmy – see major drops above!

Wednesday (08/09/21)

5:00 UTC – The World of Botanica are pack with a highly-anticipated pack drop!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #18 for Golden Cage!
17:30 UTC – Cyberpeopple are dropping a Land Pack!
18:00 UTC – The Digital Ducks are back with a very special John Quack!
18:00 UTC – Crypto Chibi drop their Collector’s Edition Koalas!
18:00 UTC – Joe Chiappetta’s ArtVndngMchn drops the satirical cartoon, The First-Ever NFT!
18:00 UTC – The World of Dr. Hems hits WAX with a promo drop!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic have an SDK drop at the ready!
19:00 UTC – Ishiki Arata debuts a new collection, the Ronin Collection!
20:00 UTC – Exit Limbo are welcomed back with a promotional $NEFTY sticker!
20:44 UTC – Robert Bohn commemorates his 50th Bonehead with a pack drop!

Thursday (09/09/21)

15:00 UTC – This week, Crypto Swatch collaborates with Jack of Hearts!
15:00 UTC – BABYMETAL Series 2 hits WAX, commemorating their Nippon Budokan shows from earlier this year!
15:00 UTC – LGND are back, showcasing the LUZoSCURA collection from Sasha!
16:00 UTC – Gods & Legends have another deity-inspired character card for us; Sobek!
16:00 UTC – Endless Loot drop their Backpack Add-On NFT!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #19 for Golden Cage!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio have a mystery in store!
18:00 UTC – CAIT drop their weekly dose of CAIT Music!
18:00 UTC – Cute Doodles give us a drop in support of $NEFTY!
18:00 UTC – Grim Folks drop the Cyan variant of their Lord Mockula 3D card!
20:00 UTC – Ikimono World wrap up Season 2 with the 2nd part of their final drop!
20:00 UTC – New World NFT bring us Card #27!

Friday (10/09/21)

16:00 UTC – release J-$ee Mentalz’ new album on WAX!
16:00 UTC – Empire of Decay have a brand-new sticker for us!
17:00 UTC – Red Panda Adventures release Legendary Rusty #18 onto the blockchain!
17:00 UTC – It’s Mini Land Pack time for NFT Battle Miners!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #20 for Golden Cage!
19:00 UTC – NiftyBC launches his Vampa Avatar series!
19:00 UTC – Toys of Crypto return with 3D RoboToyz!
22:00 UTC – CryptoMoonie #018 – see major drops above!
23:00 UTC – Superpuft has a brand-new bubble to share with us!

Saturday (11/09/21)

15:00 UTC – Treasury NFT are dropping their Plutonium Cards!
16:00 UTC – Corporate World drop their new character for this week – Clift O’ Maniac!
16:00 UTC – Empire of Decay release their Promo Champion packs!
19:00 UTC – It’s time to head to the fields with Starter Kits from Farming Tales!
19:30 UTC – Yet another mystery drop from Tales of the Crypto!
22:00 UTC – NFT Insider Interview Card #23 – see major drops above!

Sunday (12/09/21)

11:00 UTC – Dark Galaxies hold a HUGE pack drop!
17:00 UTC – The World of Cryptopups round out the week with Shelly, the Fire Pup!

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