This Week on WAX (May 10 – May 16)


This Week on WAX (May 10 – May 16)

Here’s what’s coming up in the WAX NFT world in the next week!





Square Rooted: 2s and Radicals Drop – View Drop

Monday to Friday

20:00 UTC – Ikimono World wrap up Season 1 with five days of daily drops!

Monday (10/05/21)

16:00 UTC – The Crazy Eggs launches with their Carton Drop!
19:00 UTC – OxO drops a collab piece!
21:45 UTC – Floyd releases a pack for his Deck of Mythical Varmints!

Tuesday (11/05/21)

18:00 UTC – Treasury drop their static and animated Cosmic Aura 1000g cards!

Wednesday (12/05/21)

17:00 UTC – Immersys drop a set of Beta Keys!
19:00 UTC – Hallows Dinos releases packs for Vol. 1 of their Animated Series!
19:00 UTC – OxO‘s second collab of the week!
20:00 UTC – Moved, see Thursday.

Thursday (13/05/21)

19:00 UTC – OxO releases Season 3 of Japan Stamps!
UPDATE – 20:00 UTC – CryptoSharks give us more Megalonda action!
21:00 UTC – Tachi drop an Animated Geisha NFT!

Friday (14/05/21)

17:00 UTC – RabbitHole with a mystery drop!
20:00 UTC – The Cyberpuppies come together for a new NFT!
22:00 UTC – CREEK launches Season 2 of CryptoMoonies!
22:00 UTC – Sticky Little Slimers Cassie hits the scene!

Saturday (15/05/21)

13:00 UTC – Square Rooted launches the Cyber Puppies Sketch Packs and Illustration Packs!
17:00 UTC – Virtual Alaska takes us on a tour of Portage Glacier!
19:00 UTC – Digital Ducks give us our weekly dose of Quacky goodness!
20:00 UTC – CryptoSharks with the 2nd Megalonda drop of the week!
20:00 UTC – Menina in a Box releases Morrison onto the blockchain!
22:00 UTC – We drop our next Interview Card! I wonder who it will be…

Sunday (16/05/21)

13:00 UTC – TiDBYTS unleash a Zombie Duck onto the WAX scene!

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