This Week on WAX (September 13 – September 19)

Kyle Loza, Skrapper Legends Series 2 and Emmy Award-winner Robert Valley – it’s launch week on WAX!


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Wednesday 22:00 UTC – We airdrop our Blend 3 rewards; the July 2021 Timmy and Timmy Coins, and we hold a draw for a 1/1!


Friday 22:00 UTC – CREEK continues with Generation 4 of the CryptoMoonies with Base Commander Banano!


UPDATE – Interview Card #24 will drop on 22nd September!

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!

Monday (13/09/21)

12:00 UTC – CritterCraft drop a Death sticker!
15:00 & 22:00 UTC – CREEK drops Moonie Punk #19 from the CryptoMoonies collection!
15:00 UTC – Oliveland returns with a mystery drop!
16:00 UTC – WAX Guide drop the first two NFTs of their Crypto Legends collection, immortalising William Quigley and John Brechisci Jr.!
17:00 UTC – It’s another week of Golden Cage Story Cards, kicking off with #21!
18:00 UTC – The bell rings and it’s back to school for the Girls of Bunnvale University!
UPDATE –┬áThe Kyle Loza x Green Rabbit Game drop has been postponed to a later date.
20:00 UTC – Boris the Creator launches his Garden Bros collection; consisting of 50 unique 1/1s!

Tuesday (14/09/21)

7:00 UTC – Galaktika drop the Boarding Pass for their 2nd drop!
13:00 UTC – JRG holds Drop 2 of his JRG Adventures series!
15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatch is dropping two collaborations this week – the first is with Grim Folks!
17:00 UTC – Skrapper Legends Series 2 hits WAX, featuring Derek Jeter and Ted Williams!
17:00 UTC – NFTrippy launches on WAX!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #22 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – Worlds of Dr. Hems returns with another promo drop!
17:30 UTC – Jack of Hearts drops a collab with us!
20:00 UTC – PowerPacks launch their 3rd Series!
20:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly drop!
20:44 UTC – Robert Bohn is back with BONEHEAD #51!

Wednesday (15/09/21)

16:00 UTC – Mr. Bear releases The Bear Cave Game!
17:00 UTC – Space Heroes are back with a pack drop!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #23 for Golden Cage!
18:00 UTC – Cat Stickers brings us some feline fun with a Garfield sticker!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic give us a sketchbook!
18:00 UTC – Joe Chiappetta‘s ArtVndngMchn drops a Unicorn Robot!
18:00 UTC – Another World release a set of packs for their Merth F60 mining!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto give us a zombification drop!
20:00 UTC – It’s time to T-pose! Creek’s Assistant drops his Assert Your Dominance packs!
20:00 UTC – New World NFT have a free drop for us!
20:30 UTC – Crypto Chibi drop their Collector’s Edition Joy’s!

Thursday (16/09/21)

10:00 UTC – Cryptopups release their Beagle Pup 3D Toy!
15:00 UTC – LGND showcases The Vice Collection, by recent Emmy award-winner Robert Valley!
15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatch with his 2nd collab of the week, with Levitated Arts!
16:00 UTC – Endless Loot drop another Backpack add-on!
16:00 UTC – Zendodo bring us more Morphing Potions!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #24 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – Secret Saviours with two drops; a music release, and a collab with Pizzeria Rusticana and Stocci!
18:00 UTC – CAIT drop their weekly dose of CAIT Music!
18:00 UTC – Constructed NFT give us the chance to pick up a Constructor ID!

Friday (17/09/21)

15:00 & 22:00 UTC – CryptoMoonie #019 – see major drops above!
16:00 UTC – Empire of Decay have a brand-new sticker for us!
16:30 UTC – Golden Cage and Gods & Legends combine for a collab!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops release their long-awaited Taylor Alexander NFTs!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #25 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – Beast of Oni is back with a new drop and blend!
17:00 UTC – Gnome Series returns with a pre-minted pack!
17:00 UTC – NFT Battle Miners launch their Active Card Promo Packs!
18:00 UTC – JRG releases his track May 19; a tribute to the victims of COVID-19, and the final card of his first collection!
19:00 UTC – NiftyBC drops Bite & Blood packs for his Vampa avatar series!
19:00 UTC – Toys of Crypto bring us a 3D Phone Toy!
20:00 UTC – Stocci has a mystery drop for us!
20:00 UTC – Survival Game release their Starter Packs!
20:20 UTC – adigitalacid x wampastompa1 x Wooden Cyclops bring us a Dutchee collab!

Saturday (18/09/21)

16:00 UTC – Corporate World release their first batch of Promoted! NFTs!
16:00 UTC – Train of the Century hold their Commodity Whitelist sale!
16:00 UTC – Cat Stickers provide us with a custom Bagheera sticker!
16:00 UTC – Red Panda Adventures celebrate Red Panda Day with a drop!
16:00 UTC – Zendodo brings us a selection of NFTs from their first season!
17:00 UTC – Worlds of Dr. Hems drop their whitelist NFT!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto drop more of their Still Deaths series!
UPDATE – NFT Insider Interview Card #24 will drop on September 22nd – see major drops above!

Sunday (19/09/21)

Nothing is confirmed for Sunday thus far… a good opportunity for someone to fill the space!

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