This Week on WAX (September 27 – October 3)


This Week on WAX (September 27 – October 3)

The Princess Bride, Tommy Hearns and Iron Maiden x Funko – it’s throwback week on WAX!


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Wednesday 22:00 UTC – We drop our next FREE Interview Card, #25, and it’ll be for our interview with Dan from Immersys!

UPDATE: Our Immersys Interview Card has been postponed until next week.

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!

Monday (27/09/21)

16:00 UTC – Crypto Legends hold their 2nd drop, with pop-art portraits of Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk!
16:00 UTC – Joe Chiappetta‘s ArtVndngMchn releases their Serviceberry NFT!
17:00 UTC – NFT Battle Miners hold their Dominator Station mini-sale!
17:00 UTC – Golden Cage have another week of Story Cards for us, starting with #31!
17:00 UTC – Space Heroes drop a set of mining tools!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic release a component for their Final Cut event on Wednesday!
18:00 UTC – The Girls of Bunnvale University are into their 3rd week, and they’re on a job hunt!
18:30 UTC – Kyle Loza‘s rescheduled Tarot Card collection finally drops!
20:30 UTC – CryptoFlash is back with Set 7, dropping the first of this 5 NFT set!

Tuesday (28/09/21)

Immersys take the snapshot for their FATE token airdrop at 12 UTC, with the airdrop taking place at 23 UTC the same day!

6:45 UTC – MarcusNFT and DaPrankster come together for a collab!
14:30 UTC – Worlds of Smil and Floyd’s Varmints bring us our second collab of the day!
15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatch are onto their third week of collaborations with Grim Folks!
16:00 UTC – R4KZ drop their $1 Rakazos Mega Pack!
17:00 UTC – The ever-iconic film The Princess Bride launches their NFTs on WAX!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #32 for Golden Cage!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic bring us another Final Cut component!
18:00 UTC – MaxyLab and Gods & Legends make it 4 collaborations for the day!
18:00 UTC – Constructed NFT release their blending keys!
20:30 UTC – CryptoFlash provides us with the 2nd piece of animated flash from his 7th set!
20:30 UTC – New World NFT drop Card #30!
20:44 UTC – Robert Bohn releases Bonehead 054 from his 100 Boneheads collection!
21:00 UTC – Avatar Folk bring us their Sketch Artwork packs!

Wednesday (29/09/21)

Gods & Legends launch their $GNL staking system!

17:00 UTC – Story Card #33 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – Legendary boxer Tommy Hearns has a set of NFTs launch on WAX!
17:30 UTC – Jack of Hearts brings us the first of two Joker drops!
18:00 UTC – It’s Final Cut Finale day for Future’s Relic, with the last page drop and the overall blend!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto have a drop, but you’ll have to check their socials to discover what it is!
20:30 UTC – It’s the 3rd piece of animated flash of Set 7 for CryptoFlash!
20:30 UTC – Crypto Chibi drop their Collector’s Edition Cheetah!
UPDATE – NFT Insider Interview Card #25 has been postponed until next week.

Thursday (30/09/21)

15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatch‘s 2nd collab of the week, with URBANculture!
15:00 UTC – Cat Stickers invites us in to visit a new cat!
16:00 UTC – Waxel Ninjas collaborate with Oliver Hassell!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #34 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – Wardor brings us their second promo drop!
17:00 UTC – The Apocalyptics drop another set of Character Packs!
18:00 UTC – Funko release their 3rd series on WAX, and it’s with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden!
19:00 UTC – Pixverse expedite their Exploratory Vessels across the galaxy!
20:30 UTC – New World NFT releases Card #31!
20:30 UTC – Animated flash #4 of Set 7 for CryptoFlash!
23:00 UTC – The generative, Discord-enhancing Magic DU$T Miners launch on WAX!

Friday (01/10/21)

15:00 UTC – RAWR! Cards release more Giveaway Bots!
16:00 UTC – Gods & Legends bring us Baba Yaga!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #35 for Golden Cage!
18:00 UTC – Toys of Crypto box up their 3D Dog Toyz!
19:00 UTC – It’s here! NFT Battle Miners initial sale is upon us!
19:00 UTC – MORBS makes a welcome return to the schedule with their DEE-FI Character Avatar packs!
20:30 UTC – It’s the 5th and final piece of animated flash of Set 7 for CryptoFlash!
22:00 UTC – NFT Pizza and @ruenzdidit bring us a collab!

Saturday (02/10/21)

16:00 UTC – Zendodo launches Series 2 of their lovable collection!
16:30 UTC – NFT Art Museum release the final drop of Lalav’s Other World collection!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto have a surprise in store!
20:00 UTC – Stocci also has a mystery drop for us!
20:00 UTC – Galaktika provide us with their mega 3 Civilization drop!
20:30 UTC – New World NFT releases Card #31!

Sunday (03/10/21)

16:00 UTC – Ultra Rare drop their second Ultra Comix; El Cuco!

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