This Week on WAX (October 4 – October 10)


This Week on WAX (October 4 – October 10)

With no less than 9 major drops and launches, we have a HUGE week ahead on WAX!


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Wednesday 22:00 UTC – We drop our next FREE Interview Card, #25, and it’ll be for our interview with Dan from Immersys!


Saturday 22:00 UTC – We drop Interview Card #26, but who will we be interviewing? Find out on Friday!

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!
RAWR! Cards releases more Giveaway Bots at 15:00 UTC daily, with 10 available every 24 hours!

Monday (04/10/21)

16:00 UTC – Journey to Godhood release the Mage Packs for their Discord-based text game!
16:00 UTC – Joe Chiappetta drops his ArtVndngMchn Woman NFT!
16:00 UTC – Neko NFTs introduce us to their Boba Tea Cats!
17:00 UTC – Golden Cage have another week of Story Cards for us, starting with #36!
18:00 UTC – The Girls of Bunnvale University are back for Week 4, and it’s time for some TLC!
20:30 UTC – Crypto Chibi give us Gold & Silver Turbo NFTs!

Tuesday (05/10/21)

15:00 UTC – It’s Week 4 of the Crypto SwatchGrim Folks collaborations!
15:00 UTC – FightLand have a raft of packs up for grabs!
16:00 UTC – Void Supernaturals release their first series!
16:00 UTC – Farmers World drop their third and final set of Happy Drops!
17:00 UTC – It’s time for Part 2 of the The Princess Bride launch on WAX!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #37 for Golden Cage!
18:00 UTC – konceptonwax provide their Ezra x Momo NFTs!
19:00 UTC – Ahead of our landmark collaboration on Thursday, POPCORP and ourselves release a promo NFT!
20:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly drop!
20:30 UTC – New World NFT release Card #33!
21:00 UTC – JRG drops another Adventure NFT!

Wednesday (06/10/21)

4:10 UTC – Marcus releases a bunch of Alchemist Tools!
15:00 UTC – Moon Stones give us a promo drop!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #38 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – Red Panda Adventures and Micro Planets collaborate!
18:00 UTC – Cute Doodles partners with CryptoBrewMaster for a drop!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic drop their Editing Process Kits!
18:00 UTC – Crypto Chibi drop their Collector’s Edition Bizzy’s!
19:00 UTC – Ishiki Arata returns with his Monk Collection!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto are coming at us with Legendary Gods from the zombies!
20:00 UTC – Creek’s Assistant is illuminating Orbo the Astronaut in neon!
22:00 UTC – NFT Insider Immersys Interview Card – see major drops above!

Thursday (07/10/21)

16:00 UTC – WhenStaking release their Power Generators!
16:00 UTC – Endless Loot return with more Backpack add-ons!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #39 for Golden Cage!
17:00 UTC – MetaSource Cards are dropping a set of Limited Edition Packs!
17:00 UTC – Wardor drop their Gold promo NFTs!
17:30 UTC – Jack of Hearts bring us Part 2 of their Joker drop!
18:00 UTC – With spooky season approaching, Cat Stickers release their first Spoopy Cat!
18:00 UTC – CAIT returns with more CAIT music!
18:30 UTC – We collaborate with POPCORP on an exclusive pack drop!
19:00 UTC – Boris the Creator is back with a Borland drop!
20:30 UTC – New World NFT releases Card #34 – the final card of Series 1!
21:00 UTC – JRG drops his May 19 music NFT!

Friday (08/10/21)

14:00 UTC – CritterCraft hold another drop & burn event!
14:30 UTC – Worlds of Smil hits us with his weekly object drop!
16:00 & 17:00 UTC – Exit Limbo have their long-awaited return, releasing their Metahead Music & Artwork Collection!
17:00 UTC – Josh Balz, ex-Motionless in White keyboardist, holds the inaugural drop for his brand The Strange & Unusual!
17:00 UTC – Oxymorrons release their Mohawks and Durags EP through YoshiDrops!
17:00 UTC – Story Card #40 for Golden Cage!
19:00 UTC – Stand to attention with the Pixverse Captain’s Drop!
19:00 UTC – Worlds of Dr. Hems hold their inaugural pack drop!
19:00 UTC – MORBS drop the latter half of their DEE-FI Character Avatar packs!
19:00 UTC – Toys of Crypto deliver a free Beta Pack drop!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto are holding a mystery drop!
20:20 UTC – Senor Lupe has a spooky drop in store!
21:00 UTC – Avatar Folk bring us a sticker pack!

Saturday (09/10/21)

16:00 UTC – Zendodo hit us with their Toddies sale!
17:00 UTC – NFT Stonkers are back with their Stonk City Starter Packs!
19:30 UTC – Tales of the Crypto share yet another mystery drop with us!
20:00 UTC – Another week, another Stocci mystery drop!
22:00 UTC – NFT Insider Interview Card #26 – see major drops above!

Sunday (10/10/21)

16:00 UTC – Digital Ducks round out the week with another mystery quack!

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