This Week on WAX (November 8 – November 14)


This Week on WAX (November 8 – November 14)

With Rada Quest and Train of the Century launching betas and GeePeeKay partnering with R2, it’s gameplay week on WAX!


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Saturday 19:00 UTC – We drop our free Interview Card #29. Who will we have interviewed?

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!
Madduck are dropping an NFT from their Edges x Shades series at 14 UTC daily!
RAWR! Cards are dropping Giveaway Bots at 15 UTC every day!

Monday (08/11/21)

00:00 UTC – Consonant Design is dropping an audio-visual 3D capsule!
15:00 UTC – Hidden Worldz hit us with their 7th promo drop!
16:00 UTC – Token Girls are collaborating with AGORA to raise money for St. Jude’s!
16:00 UTC – Crypto Legends are dropping profiles of CZ and Jack Dorsey!
16:00 UTC – Endless Loot release more Backpack Add-On materials for the Quiver!
17:00 UTC – ArtVndngMchn drop a piece of art, titled Life Skills!
17:00 UTC – Bestiary NFT hold a pack drop!
18:00 UTC – It’s Week 9 for The Girls of Bunnvale University, and it’s Love & Lace time!
18:30 UTC – AtomiKings 2099 hold their Series 1 drop!
21:44 UTC – Robert Bohn drops Bonehead 064!

Tuesday (09/11/21)

16:00 UTC – Dr. Zammsy collaborates with HodlGod!
16:00 UTC – R4KZ have a new Rakazos in store!
16:45 UTC – Marcus NFT releases a Spider Fang Shield!
20:00 UTC – Survival Game drop more Fortifications from their Expeditions series!
21:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly drop!

Wednesday (10/11/21)

14:00 UTC – Crypto Chibi are back with a Collector’s Edition Cobra!
17:00 UTC – Red Panda Adventures has a sticker for us!
18:00 UTC – NFT Panda drop Promo #6!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic release their Wax Seals!
20:00 UTC – It’s time for more of the CODENAME series from MORBS!
20:30 UTC – Drop 1 for the week from Tales of the Crypto!
21:00 UTC – Gods & Legends drop another deity-inspired NFT, Freya!

Thursday (11/11/21)

15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatches hold a solo drop!
16:00 UTC – Zendodo Party drop more Morphing Potions!
17:00 UTC – The WAX team hold their weekly 1-of-1 auction!
17:00 UTC – Warsaken collaborate with NFT Story Cards, with the proceeds going to Wounded Warriors for Veteran’s Day!
18:00 UTC – CAIT returns with more CAIT music!
18:00 UTC – Order of Other drop a promo pack!
18:00 UTC – Gnome Series release their Lindsay Pagano packs!
19:00 UTC – Boris the Creator brings us his Great Masters Garden Bros!
20:00 UTC – Pizza Hands drops their Alien Pizza Hands!
21:20 UTC – JRG releases a new NFT track, Pode Pa!

Friday (12/11/21)

Train of the Century release their beta!

15:00 UTC – Hidden Worldz hold their whitelist drop!
16:00 UTC – Empire of Decay bring us their weekly sticker!
16:00 UTC – drop a new music NFT!
19:00 UTC – Rada Quest hit us with a pack drop, coinciding with their beta release!
20:00 UTC – Costume Kingdom release some Owly Cards from their Battle Set!
20:00 UTC – Survival Game drop the second set of Fortifications from their Expeditions series this week!

Saturday (13/11/21)

16:00 UTC – Zendodo Party release more Silver Packs!
16:00 UTC – Madduck drop a Series 2 RoRuYan Mini-Pack!
17:00 UTC – The Apocalyptics re-release their Mutant and Character Packs!
18:00 UTC – Beast Garden drop a raft of new beasts!
18:30 UTC – Realms of Arkovia collaborates with Digital Ducks!
18:00 UTC 19:00 UTC – GeePeeKay and R2 Collectibles combine to launch their Collect n’ Craft collection!
19:00 UTC – NFT Insider Interview Card #29 – see major drops above!
20:30 UTC – Drop 2 for the week from Tales of the Crypto!

Sunday (14/11/21)

16:00 UTC – Survival Game release the final missions of Series 2!
17:00 UTC – Gods & Legends round out the week with a combined deity, King Mercellot!

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