This Week on WAX (January 17 – January 23)

Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion, Street Fighter’s Classic Collection, Train of the Century’s Passenger Sale, and of course, DYGYCON 7 and a whole lot more – it’s set to be a HUGE week on WAX!


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Blockchain Brawlers 48h Legendary 1-of-1 auctions continue at 18 UTC throughout the week!
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Kenn Bosak is dropping at 21:20 UTC daily!

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Monday (17/01/22)

15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatches collaborates with Owlz Congress Club!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio have a Truck Series 1-of-1 up for grabs!
18:00 UTC – It’s time for Episode 10 and Drop 10 for Blade Runner: Black Lotus!
18:00 UTC – It’s Week 17 for The Girls of Bunnvale University, and they want to Let It Snow!
18:00 UTC – Gnome Series bring us their Bee Evolution drop!
20:00 UTC – It’s time for Train of the Century‘s Passenger Sale!

Tuesday (18/01/22)

16:00 UTC – R4KZ release two new Rakazos!
16:00 UTC – NFT Stonkerz drop their AOGG Pool Stonks!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops hit us with their first Yoshi Dailies drop of the week!
18:00 UTC – Taco bring us their Venues Whitelist Coupon!
18:10 UTC – We drop our free Interview Card #36 with MikeeMyk, creator of Rusty the Red Panda and Waxy! (Read our interview with Mikee here!)
20:15 UTC – Moon Mining He3 release their Phoenix Machinery packs!
21:00 UTC – Avatar Folk drop another promo sticker for a new character!
21:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly drop!

Wednesday (19/01/22)

17:00 UTC – AtomicHub Fan Art Competition winner Waxy (by Red Panda Adventures creator mikeeMyk) collaborates with Cat Stickers!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops hit us with their second Yoshi Dailies drop of the week!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio have another Truck Series 1-of-1 at the ready!
18:00 UTC – Future’s Relic release their Time is Money NFT!
18:00 UTC – Superpuft is back, and he’s dropping Plush Bubbles for the Puft Creative collection!
18:00 UTC – Endless Loot returns with a new quest NFT drop!
19:00 UTC – WarSpace release their Resource Packs!
20:00 UTC – NiftyBC drop more AR Surfboards on WAX!

Thursday (20/01/22)

4:00 UTC – Dragons Valley hold their Incubator drop!
14:00 UTC – Coin Pirates have a Specials Assets sale, using their CPR token!
15:00 UTC – Crypto Swatches collaborates with NippyNip!
16:00 UTC – NFT Stonkerz drop their BluDAC Lockers!
16:00 UTC – Endless Loot turn up the heat with a Flamethrower drop!
17:00 UTC – YoshiDrops hit us with their third Yoshi Dailies drop of the week!
18:00 UTC – Street Fighter returns to WAX with their Classic Collection!
22:00 UTC – Gods & Legends bring us another deity-inspired drop: Ah Muzen Cab, the Mayan God of Bees!

Friday (21/01/22)

DYGYCON 7 Day 1 kicks-off at 18 UTC!

15:00 UTC – RAWR! Cards drop a new monster!
15:00 UTC – Blockchain Heroes hit us with their highly-anticipated 4th series: Retro Rebellion – featuring a whole host of WAX’s leading artists!
17:00 UTC – Red Panda Adventures and NFT Insider collaborate on Timmy Panda!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio release their third and final Truck Series 1-of-1 of the week!
18:00 UTC – It’s Week 2 of the Blackworks series from AGORA and Oliver Hassell (companion ETH NFT drop 1 hour prior at 17 UTC!)
19:00 UTC – Blockchain Cards hold a drop for DYGYCON 7!
20:00 UTC – Mr. Bear and Pizza Slice come together for a collab!
21:00 UTC – Avatar Folk drop a web-slinger cosplay NFT!
22:00 UTC – Dr. Zammsy are back with their weekly drop!

Saturday (22/01/22)

DYGYCON 7 Day 2 (the Main Day) kicks-off at 18 UTC!

15:00 UTC – BattleBlockz release their Series 1 packs!
16:00 UTC – Zendodo Party bring us more Season 3 Silver Packs and Morphing Potions!
18:00 UTC – Cat Stickers releases a new cat sticker!
18:10 UTC – We drop our free Interview Card #37, but who will it be for?
21:00 UTC – Snorfkin returns with a DYGYCON 7 drop, as part of the Snorfkingdom!
21:00 UTC – Stocci hits us with his long-awaited Four Seasons packs!

Sunday (23/01/22)

It’s the third and final day of DYGYCON 7, starting at 18 UTC!

3:00 UTC – It’s time for the second sale window for Blockchain Heroes 4th series: Retro Rebellion!
20:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto end the week by wrapping up their hyped 1-of-1 auction!

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