This Week on WAX (June 7 – June 13)


This Week on WAX (June 7 – June 13)

More sun = more drops on WAX!


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Square Rooted: 2s and Radicals Drop – View Drop



UPDATESquare Rooted‘s next Collab Packs are now launching June 26th.


Friday 22:00 UTC – CryptoMoonie #010 drops! Which crypto will it be this time…
Saturday 21:00 UTC – CREEK has a collab in store for us!

Monday (07/06/21)

00:00 UTC – releases a landmark NFT set from renowned portrait photographer Platon!
17:00 UTC – Crypto Twerpz coming at us with a collab!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio drop Card #4 from their mini-series!
19:00 UTC – After a short break, the Digital Ducks are back with a host of new arrivals!
20:00 UTC – Ikimono World gives us more from Season 2 of their card collection!
21:45 UTC – Floyd drops a card, in collaboration with Square Rooted!
23:59 UTC – Gods & Legends hold their raffle contest, with the winner receiving a custom card, inspired by them!

Tuesday (08/06/21)

15:00 UTC – Inspired by the Norse God of War, Gods & Legends drop Thorr!
16:00 UTC – Void Elementals launch their periodic table-based collection!
16:00 UTC – NOA Collectibles drop their first FOMO pack!
19:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto release more Zombies from their Season 2 collection!
20:00 UTC – Stocci brings us some more sticker goodness!
20:30 UTC – Should he be back from Miami in time, CryptoStache will have his weekly drop!

Wednesday (09/06/21)

17:00 UTC – OxO with more cards from Season 3 of the Japan Stamps collection (again, the very best of luck for your exams!)
17:00 UTC – Zendodo have a Morphing Potion in the works! I wonder what it does…
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio drop Card 13 from Season 1 – a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T!
18:00 UTC – Kaos Moon with a single card drop from their supernatural, occult collection!
19:00 UTC – Ishiki Arata drops the 2nd and 3rd of his 7 Samurai – Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen!
19:00 UTC – Supercute with another weekly release!
20:00 UTC – Twerky Club has a reward drop at the ready!
20:00 UTC – Ikimono World continues with the Season 2 cards!
21:30 UTC – MetalHed, a heavy-metal-inspired trading card collection, launches!

Thursday (10/06/21)

??? UTC – DJ Luck & MC Neat drop their inaugural packs, wiht Global VIP Backstage Passes up for grabs!
??? UTC – Something strange is happening with the HodlGod Dragon Eggs…
15:00 UTC – Gods & Legends release Anubys, inspired by the Ancient Egyptian God of Death!
16:00 UTC – The Lucky Cats, from Neko NFTs, have a pack drop for us!
17:00 UTC – RabbitHole drop their Conglomerate Packs!
18:00 UTC – Tachi release their brand-new Kamikaze collection!
18:00 UTC – NFT Stonkers hold a special Bulls vs Bears collectible drop!
19:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto treat us to more terrifying Zombies!
20:00 UTC – To celebrate their Verified status on AtomicHub, CryptoSharks have a Verified Shark up for grabs!
20:00 UTC – Ikimono World with their final Season 2 cards of the week!
21:30 UTC – stuckatsixpm is back with a dynamic Location Card! I wonder where we’re headed this time?

Friday (11/06/21)

10:00 UTC – Peggy with her weekly drop of original art!
15:00 UTC – RAWR! drop another cute monster onto the blockchain!
16:00 UTC – Beast of Oni are coming at us with a beast and a blend!
17:00 UTC – Zendodo bring us their Risudolph Open drop!
20:00 UTC – Cyberpuppies have a HUGE pack drop, with the launch of their Barkery!
20:00 UTC – Stocci brings us his second sticker of the week!
21:30 UTC – Back-to-back drops for stuckatsixpm, as he launches another dynamic Currency Card!
22:00 UTC – CryptoMoonies #010 – see major drops above!
22:30 UTC – Sticky Little Slimers bring Maria to our screens!

Saturday (12/06/21)

UPDATE – Square Rooted‘s next Collab Packs are now launching June 26th.
15:00 UTC – Gods & Legends drop Hachiman, inspired by the Japanese Samurai God!
19:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto with the next of their Still Deaths series!
19:00 UTC – Digital Ducks treat us to their second Quack drop of the week!
21:00 UTC – CryptoMoonies collab – see major drops above!
22:00 UTC – We drop our next interview card! Who will it be this week?
22:30 UTC – Our interviewee drops their interpretation of Token Timmy!

Sunday (13/06/21)

15:00 UTC – TiDBYTS has another Mystery Duck lined up for us!
21:00 UTC – CryptoCubies rounds out the week with a CryptoStache collab!

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