This Week on WAX (June 14 – June 20)


This Week on WAX (June 14 – June 20)

The WAX NFT train carries on steaming through the summer across the upcoming week!


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Square Rooted: 2s and Radicals Drop – View Drop



Thursday 23:00 UTC – CAIT on WAX celebrates 3 months on the blockchain with a Treasure Chest drop, with a chance to win over 25,000 CAIT!

NOTE: Kenn Bosak is back to dropping at 20:20 UTC daily!

Monday (14/06/21)

00:00 UTC – Consonant Design kicks off Season 2!
00:00 UTC – launch their 1/1 auction for The Editor – Day by James Jean!
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio drop mini-card number 6!
18:00 UTC – Ikimono World offers up more of their Season 2 cards!
19:00 UTC – MORBS drops a AR & physical shirt NFT!
21:00 UTC – PuftCreative has both a static and an animated Sleepy Bubble for us!

Tuesday (15/06/21)

15:00 UTC – Inspired by the Ancient Greek King of the Gods, Gods & Legends drops Zeuss!
16:00 UTC – NOA Collectibles drop their second FOMO pack!
19:00 UTC – CryptoSharks have a mystery token to share with us! I wonder what it’ll be for…
19:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto are back with more Season 2 Zombies!
20:00 UTC – New project CritterCraft drops a sticker for us!
20:00 UTC – Stocci brings us some more sticker goodness!
20:30 UTC – CryptoStache holds his weekly Tuesday drop!

Wednesday (16/06/21)

17:00 UTC – OxO with more from Japan Stamps Series 3 (last push for your exams – you can do it!)
17:30 UTC – Hot Rod Studio are coming at us with Card 14 from Season 1!
18:00 UTC – Ikimono World with their second Season 2 drop of the week!
18:00 UTC – Order of Other treats us to a sticker drop!
19:00 UTC – NiftyBC has another fantastic animated NFT up for grabs!
19:00 UTC – Ishiki Arata drops the 4th and 5th of his 7 Samurai – Yasuke and Hideyoshi!
20:00 UTC – Supercute with yet another weekly drop!
21:30 UTC – stuckatsixpm with the first of two dynamic Creator Card NFTs this week!
22:00 UTC – Floyd’s Varmints and PuftCreative come together to offer bottles of Wee Brew!
22:05 UTC – Immersys have a drop coming up, but what will it be?

Thursday (17/06/21)

18:00 UTC – Tachi drop their third and final Geisha!
19:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto give us some more Zombie goodness!
22:00 UTC – EnviroBlocks drop a new concept collection!
23:00 UTC – CAIT on WAX Treasure Chests – see major drops above!
23:20 UTC – CryptoStache with his second drop of the week, featuring art from the Bad Days competition!

Friday (18/06/21)

??? UTC – YoshiDrops launch their NFT subscription service!
10:00 UTC – Peggy drops yet more original art!
15:00 UTC – Gods & Legends releases Posaidon, inspired by the Ancient Greek God of the Sea!
15:00 UTC – RAWR! drop their 13th monster card onto the blockchain!
16:00 UTC – Beast of Oni give us their weekly Beast card!
17:00 UTC – OxO with his second drop of Series 3 cards this week!
18:00 UTC – Ikimono World with their third and final Season 2 drop of the week!
20:00 UTC – The Cyberpuppies are back with a group NFT from the Barkery collection!
20:00 UTC – Stocci with sticker #2 of the week!
UPDATE – moved to 21:00 UTC – CREEK is taking a break from the main CryptoMoonies series, but he still has a one-shot in store for us!
22:30 UTC – Sticky Little Slimers drop Cassie onto the WAX blockchain!

Saturday (19/06/21)

17:00 UTC – Train of the Century hold their inaugural pack drop!
19:00 UTC – CryptoSharks have a surprise lined up…
19:00 UTC – Tales of the Crypto with their weekly Still Deaths entry!
20:00 UTC – CritterCraft with their second sticker drop of the week!
21:30 UTC – stuckatsixpm drops his second dynamic Creator Card of the week!
22:00 UTC – We drop our next interview card! Hint: it’s animal based…
22:30 UTC – Our interviewee drops their Timmy collab!

Sunday (20/06/21)

08:30 UTC – Lumpia Gang kick off Father’s Day with a special drop!
14:00 UTC – The World of Cryptopups Collab Series begins, in aid of Uplift.Art, with Gods and Legends!
14:10 UTC – Red Panda Adventures joins in on the collab series!
14:20 UTC – BurgerStyles rounds out Day 1 of the collab series!
15:00 UTC – TiDBYTS joins in the Father’s Day celebrations with a new duck!
19:00 UTC – Digital Ducks offer up a new Quack!
21:00 UTC – CryptoCubies round out the week with a 1/1 auction!

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