25 WAX Artists Unite for Uplift.Art!


25 WAX Artists Unite for Uplift.Art!

Starting 20th June, The World of CryptoPups is collaborating with a wealth of fantastic artists on WAX, all in the name of fostering goodwill between artists, and giving back to a fantastic cause!


There’s a general atmosphere of goodwill and empathy across the WAX community, not just between artists and between collectors, but on all sides of this invisible divide. Inevitably however, there will be some naysayers out to spoil the fun.

A few weeks ago, Apple, creator of The World of Cryptopups, stumbled into the community of a fellow creator. When the topic of Cryptopups was brought up, Apple was met with the following by a collector in the group;

“Support a rival collection? I think not.”

“To me, this was wrong – that our communities are divided because of ‘rivalries’ like this.” Apple knew that something had to change, and set to work on what has morphed into the CryptoPups Pupskins collab project.

Spanning two whole weeks from 20th June, 25 artists on WAX will be collaborating with The World of CryptoPups on a puppy that reflects their collection, with a percentage of every drop going to Uplift.Art‘s philanthropic efforts – namely building a school in Haiti.

“This is built on the idea of artists and their communities coming together, and through Uplift.Art, show that we can make a difference as a whole.” 

Prices for each collab range between 5-20 WAX, with an average max mint of 300. Up to 50% of the proceeds of each drop will be donated to Uplift.Art.


When we spoke to mBlu, Founder of Uplift.Art, about this event, he was incredibly humbled.

“This warms my heart… what a massive win for the community, for the artists and for our philanthropic efforts. The collective mentality of the WAX ecosystem blows my mind, and gives me great hope for humanity, and for the world I want my kids to grow up in.”

mBlu is a big proponent of the WinWinWin economy – a scenario whereby artists, collectors and the wider world all benefit from working together.

“Seeing 25 great WAX projects all on-board the WinWinWin economy mentality is inspiring. Philanthropic causes are winning. The artists are winning. The community is winning. I want to support causes that help communities become prosperous and sustainable, giving them the tools to lift themselves up in the world, and the WinWinWin economy is a key part of this.”

He was understandably full of praise for the artists involved, and for their generous contributions.

“The people in the crypto and NFT space are a rare breed, and some of the most wonderful humans I’ve come across in my life. To the artists, thank you all for your contributions, and for your willingness to enable the WinWinWin economy. It means a great deal to me, and a great deal to all the others that are on this journey with us.”

Here’s the full list of all the artists involved, a little bit about them, and the timing of their collab drop.


Sunday, 20th June


14:00 UTC – Gods and Legends
Focused on bringing mythological deities to life, Gods and Legends create limited-run animated trading cards, with plans for future gamification elements. From Zeus and Thor to Hachiman and Anubis, there’s no better collection to get your deity fix!


14:10 UTC – Red Panda Adventures
Without a doubt, Rusty the Red Panda is one of the cutest characters on WAX. Impeccable illustration and awesome animation is the name of the game here, along with buckets of personality!


14:20 UTC – Burgerstyles
Hands-down, these are some of the tastiest NFTs on WAX! Their brand of surreal pixel-art certainly stands out from the crowd, and with a wealth of collaborations already under their belt, they’re worth keeping an eye on!

Tuesday, 22nd June


14:00 UTC – Dem Cute Frens
I mean… just look at that face. How could you not want that? From foxes and birds to bears and bulls, this 3D-focused project has an easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic that simply makes you smile!


14:10 UTC – CryptoSharks
We recently interviewed Ryya, creator of the CryptoSharks, which you can find here. The fact that Ryya creates these fantastic pieces using just an iPad and Procreate still blows our minds!


14:20 UTC – Crypto Swatch
From colour swatches to gradients, and a whole load of collaborations for good measure, this is an example of a simple idea executed to a very high standard. With a dApp in the works to generate unique swatches, keep your eyes glued on to these guys!

Thursday, 24th June


14:00 UTC – Cat Stickers
As their collection page states, you can never have too many cat stickers. We agree! No matter your feline feelings, with such a large number of cats to explore, you’re bound to find the one (or several!) for you!

The team behind Cat Stickers have also decided to give a percentage of their proceeds to an animal shelter, which many of the other collaborators have also agreed to do. These guys are top, top-draw.


14:10 UTC – Alpaca Worlds
Tupaca needs no introduction – his quest to find Apu’s daughter has taken the WAX blockchain by storm! Managed by the team behind NeftyBlocks, this alpaca’s journey around the world is a joy to see!

Read our interview with Juan Paniagua, co-founder of Alpaca Worlds and NeftyBlocks, here!


14:20 UTC – DogecoinKid
This guy hustles like few others on WAX, and it pays off. From poorly drawn influencers and surreal pieces to IRL images of his travels, DogecoinKid is building his personal brand in a big way!


Saturday, 26th June


14:00 UTC – Krypto Galaxy
Created by Julxie and Mako, this extra-terrestrial collection is bizarre… in all the right ways! Ever wanted to see an alien called Kevin go diving? How about working in a cafe? Or… sat by a pool with CryptoStache? You know you do!


14:10 UTC – CryptoMoonies
CREEK is one of the leading independent artists on WAX, and with the CryptoMoonies, it’s no surprise! These crypto crusaders are on a quest to reach the moon and go beyond to the stars, and they’d love for you to join their journey!

Want to learn more about CREEK? Check out our interview with him here!


14:20 UTC – Zelifornia
Pastel tones, delightful 3D animation and an overriding sense of cuteness radiate from this collection! This is an underrated gem of a project – one glance at their NeftyBlocks page and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Monday, 28th June


14:00 UTC – Cyberpuppies
Franky and the gang are always getting up to some sort of mischief on the blockchain. Coming off the opening of their Barkery last week, these playful pups bring big personality to your wallet!


14:10 UTC – Zany Gumballs
This collection certainly lives up to its name! Bright colours and loud outfits are the name of the game here, and with each gumball having a very distinct look, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you!


14:20 UTC – RAWR! Cards
As the mid-2000s meme taught us, “rawr!” means “I love you” in dinosaur. The moniker couldn’t be a better fit for this cartoon collection! From the customary dinosaur and angry toasters to rotten apples and grumpy toads, if you’re looking for wacky art with a difference, look no further!


Wednesday, 30th June


14:00 UTC – Mosaic NFT Art
This collection is a veritable veteran of the WAX NFT space. Their huge stamp collection is instantly recognisable, and with a wealth of collaborations and on-trend additions to the stamp line-up, there’s bound to be a few out there for you!


14:10 UTC – KonceptOnWAX
Quality manga art is few and far between on WAX, but Koncept continues to get better and better with every single drop. Watching the progression across the vast collection is a triumph, and makes us very excited for Koncept’s future!


14:20 UTC – PuftCreative
WAX’s resident memelord, and creator of one of the sweetest little blue fellas on the chain, everybody needs some Puft in their life! Whether painting pretty little trees, heading off for a nap, or wearing that darn cone, Bubble Boi makes a great addition to your wallet!

Friday, 2nd July


14:00 UTC – Pixel Heads
Originally featuring pixel-art bunnies in various guises, this collection is now expanding to cover a variety of new animals, and the teasers they’ve shared so far certainly made us take a second glance!


14:10 UTC – CryptomonKeys
From the Banano team, and the Godfather of so many incredible projects on WAX (including a few on this list!), the CryptomonKeys are there to bring the community together, and to make sure you get your potassium fix!


14:20 UTC – Beast of Oni
From sports to fantasy and every in between, there’s no shortage of card collections on WAX. None of them are quite like this! With impeccable animation and excellent use of complimentary colours, Onijinz is rewriting the standard for trading cards on the blockchain!

Sunday, 4th July


14:00 UTC – NyteWolf
The originator of the 22 movement, you’ve likely seen this collector either locking 22.22 WAX behind a mint #22, or posting the Robert Redford nod GIF all over Twitter! Nyte’s popularity has led to a number of collaborations – so it only made sense to join in the fun!


14:10 UTC – Geek Monsters
Giving a funky spin to pop culture icons, Skiall gives you a new perspective on the characters you’ve come to know and love! If you’re looking for a nostalgia pop, this should be your go-to collection!


14:20 UTC – Mini Vigilante
A very early-stage comic book project set in a fantasy world, this collection focuses around a classic good vs evil tale that, to our benefit, includes a wealth of well-designed characters that we can’t wait to see be minted on the blockchain!


14:30 UTC – Cat Fresh
What’s the best way to round out this incredible collab series? With some cats, of course! With psychedelic colour and a funky animation style, this collaboration event will certain wrap-up in style!

This is unlike any event we’ve seen on WAX thus far, and speaks volumes of how tight-knit and supportive we all are of eachother. With this in mind, it’s of no surprise to us the message Apple has for that original naysayer.

“I’d like to say thank you. You were the reason that I wanted to pursue this event.”

Win. Win. Win.

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