Will Cool Cats Steal The Show at NFT.NYC 2022?

The 30,000 square foot Center415 is set to host one of the most impressive NFT.NYC takeovers next week as the metaverse breaks into the real world!


NFT.NYC isn’t just industry-leading speakers, top-tier events and exclusive parties – it’s the place where projects go all-out to bring blockchain into the real world. Next week, it’ll play host to one of the most impressive IRL experiences of the Web3 space so far.

From June 21-23, generative PFP collection Cool Cats will transform Center415‘s 2-floor, 30,000 square foot space on 5th Avenue into an immersive, physical version of their Cooltopia metaverse.


This open-to-all, free-of-charge experience will take guests on a gamified journey across Cooltopia, from piloting a boat on a mission to save the world, avoiding lava flows by climbing over a marshmallow mountain, exploring the Garden of Lights and much more.

Guests will accumulate points by visiting various locations and taking part in activities, which can be redeemed at the on-site Merch Shop for exclusive Cool Cats products. Attendees can also unlock “loot chests” containing Cool Cats plushies by Toikido as well as brand-new merch which will debut at the event.

Cool Cats holders will receive special prizes when they open these chests, including codes for virtual rewards to be redeemed in the Cooltopia game, and the opportunity to have their own Cat projected onto a building during NFT.NYC.

All this adventuring is bound to make you thirsty, and so guests can chill out, take in the experience and refuel at the Milk Bar – whilst picking up a Cool Cats plushie before they hit retail shelves.

No matter how your quest goes, nobody will leave empty-handed as there’s gifts guaranteed for all.

Evan Luza, Co-Founder of Cool Cats, said:

“We’re beyond excited to create the first immersive and experiential real-life version of Cooltopia and share these beloved characters across the New York skyline. The experience is filled with surprises and rewards for our earliest adopters and supporters. At the same time, we will make sure the entire event accurately reflects the spirit of Cooltopia, and the Cool Cats community, as a space that’s open to all.

This event is designed not only for the ‘Web3 elite’ but for anyone interested in having a great time and learning more about Cool Cats and NFTs.”

The Cooltopia venue is open from June 21-23, with a VIP Party on the final day.
The Cooltopia venue is open from June 21-23, with a VIP Party on the final day.


When Cool Cats debuted in July 2021, the 9,999-piece collection was available at 0.02 ETH per mint. 3 months later, the average price had skyrocketed to 26 ETH, and the NFT community at large thought we had a new blue chip on our hands.

Leadership changes, confusion around a trailer for Yuga Labs’ Otherside and a lacklustre response to Cooltopia’s release in April 2022 haven’t been kind to the collection, which average prices now sitting at around 3 ETH.

Despite this, recent changes have led to a renewed vigour. 

A new roadmap, planned updates to Cooltopia and a partnership with The Sandbox have put many eyes on Cool Cats once again, and this real-world Cooltopia experience could be the launchpad into a brand-new era for the project.

I’ll be checking it out on the ground at NFT.NYC, reporting back on my thoughts and opinions. Watch this space!


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