WAX Lyrical 1: Lee Jenkins, Product Manager at WAX

We sit down with a member of the WAX team themselves to discuss their upcoming plans, the green credentials of the WAX blockchain, and the future of the NFT industry as a whole.


WAX has had a fantastic 2021 so far, quickly becoming the blockchain of choice for many esteemed brands looking to enter the NFT space. What better person to interview than the man who has managed so many of these collections?

In this chat, Lee dives into why these huge brands are choosing WAX, the importance of WAX’s eco-friendliness, vIRLs and more.

As always, any feedback is hugely appreciated!

To mark this interview, we have two NFTs – our WAX Interview Card, and a very special NFT, to be part of the official.wax collection, to be revealed soon…


The Undisputed King
Collection: nftinsiderio
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Drop price: 25 WAX
Dropping 05/06 22:00 UTC (public), 22:05 UTC (OG), 22:10 UTC (promo)

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Collection: official.wax
Max mint: ???
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Drop link: Check our Twitter or Discord!