Everything You Need To Know About The ZOS Alpha Test


Everything You Need To Know About The ZOS Alpha Test

This Saturday at 18 UTC, play-to-earn post apocalyptic game Zombie Outbreak Survival holds their first gameplay test. Here’s what to expect, how to get involved, and what rewards you can receive!


If 2021 was the year of NFTs, 2022 is set to be the year of play-to-earn, and one such upcoming title on WAX is holding a 24-hour Alpha test this Saturday.

Zombie Outbreak Survival (ZOS) is a post-apocalyptic survival management game where players rally up a group of survivors to scour the town of Nitel for those precious resources needed to survive.

In an exclusive for NFT Insider, we’ll showcase the game for the first time, tell you how you can enter the Alpha test, and take a look at the rewards you can earn.

To play the Alpha test, head to the ZOS website this Saturday at 18 UTC with 1 Survivor, 1 Weapon and 1 Shield in your wallet. At the time of writing, this costs 107 WAX in total – just shy of $38.

Here are links to the lowest-priced Survivors, Weapons and Shields on the secondary market.

As you can see above, when you first log in, you’ll be greeted by your Inventory screen. This showcases each of your ZOS NFTs, as well as relevant stats – such as item power for weapons.

Once you’ve obtained your Survivor, Weapon and Shield, you’ll be able to partake in Supply Runs.

These involve choosing a Survivor, Weapon, Shield and Supply Run duration, and sending them out into the wilderness for rewards!

Players will have to strategize their Supply Runs for the items they require. For example, short duration (<12h) runs result in the best food NFT rewards (which increase health, more on this later), whilst long duration (>3 days) runs are best for gathering equipment NFTs, such as Weapons and Shields.

Once your supply run is complete, it’s time to claim your rewards!

Unlike the norm for other games, full reward generation is active throughout the ZOS Alpha test, so players can start to earn right away. These rewards can be claimed at any time – even after the Alpha test is over!

What’s more, the supply run durations and loot tables are exactly the game as what the game plans to launch with, which will give Alpha Testers an experience advantage once the full game is released later this year.

So, your Survivor has returned from a Supply Run – but oh no, they’ve taken some damage! Here’s where the healing items (food NFTs) come into play.

Food allows your Survivors to restore their health, making them all prepared and ready to go back out on another Supply Run. What happens if a Survivors health reaches zero? Fingers-crossed you’ll never have to find out…

The Alpha test is just one of multiple exciting developments at ZOS this week.

This Wednesday, (Feb 16th), ZOS will be publishing a full revamp of their whitepaper, outlining the latest details and establishing their future vision.

That’s not all, as later this week, ZOS will also have a brand-new website to explore.

Whether you’re a zombie fan, gaming guru or are simply looking for your next play-to-earn experience, be sure to try out the ZOS Alpha Test this Saturday to get ahead of the competition!

ZOS’s Alpha test goes live this Saturday (19th) at 18 UTC, lasting 24 hours! Head to their website and Discord for the very latest information.