5 Play-to-Earn Blockchain Games with a Low Barrier to Entry

5 Play-to-Earn Blockchain Games with a Low Barrier to Entry

Want to get into play-to-earn gaming without breaking the bank? Here’s 5 games that should be on your radar!


Understandably, Farmers World is a big hit for the WAX blockchain, allowing players to manage virtual farms whilst earning NFTs and tokens by completing actions in the game. Like most play-to-earn games, you have the opportunity to earn a real income not just in the game world, but also thanks to valuable collectibles – which you can sell or trade on marketplaces like AtomicHub.

Except… there’s one problem if you’re just hearing about the the game now. Tool prices, which are the in-game NFTs you’ll need to participate, have gone through the roof. Even if you wanted to play, you’d have to put down a decent amount of cash to purchase these tools from the secondary market. This is the reality of a lot of blockchain-based games when they’re in their prime – they can be expensive to play, even if you just want to dip your toes in the water.

However, there are play-to-earn games out there with a low barrier to entry, meaning you don’t have to spend much to get started – if anything at all. You just have to know where to look!

Let’s take a peek at some of the best opportunities that you can dive into right now.

1. Rollercoin

We’re kicking-off with one of the more unique games on the list – Rollercoin. It’s designed to teach you how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work in a much more intuitive way.

In the game, you’re essentially mining – just like you would in the real world – but you don’t need any special hardware and you don’t need to know too much about crypto. It’s an excellent starting point for beginners, but even if you have experience with crypto, it’s still worth checking out.

To get involved, you sign-up and just start playing the fun mini-games. The more you play, the more you’ll earn.

The games are crypto-themed, but based on popular titles with activities like Flappy Rocket, Token Blaster – a Space Invaders clone – 2048 Coins, and much more.

Eventually, you’ll make enough in-game coins, called Rollercoins, to buy a miner, rack, and other tools. Equipping those items means you’ll earn currency even while you’re offline.

The more time you invest in the game, the more you’ll earn, and you can choose exactly what crypto you’d like to earn – from Bitcoin to Ethereum, or even Doge – or split your earnings between these crypto heavyweights and the in-game currency.

Learn more about how it all works on the official FAQ, and if you want to dive in, you can do so below!

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2. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds (on the WAX blockchain) has been around for quite some time now. It’s gone through its fair share of growing pains, and both the tools and NFTs were very expensive at one time. Whilst earning NFTs through gameplay is currently disabled, for now, it’s still a great entry point for those looking to earn some TLM – their in-game tokens.

It’s easy to get started. You can buy the tools needed for mining on AtomicHub for extremely cheap, then all you need to do is jump into the game and start mining. Every player starts with a Standard Shovel, but you can swap that out for more effective gear, equipping up to a maximum of three tools at once.

As you earn TLM, you can use the Alcor Exchange to swap that for WAX, allowing you to purchase anything you desire on WAX’s marketplaces. Once you earn enough TLM, you can stake it during missions to increase your earnings even further.

What’s more, the game is still a work in progress, with more content – such as an NFT fighting game – listed on their roadmap. There may not be a whole lot you can do just yet, but it is a great way to get started in the play-to-earn world, and the game is still very popular to this day.

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3. Gods Unchained

If you like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering then you’ll want to sink your teeth into Gods Unchained. It’s built by ex-Google and Riot Games engineers – the development team behind League of Legends, is headed by the former Game Director of MTG Arena, and best of all – it’s completely free to play.

You truly own every card you earn in the game, and can sell, trade, keep, or collect them as you see fit. Players can also earn $GODS token, which can be used to purchase cards, or exchanged for other currencies.

A variety of wallet connection options are available, from Metamask and Binance to WalletConnect, allowing you to store and trade your cards across a variety of tools.

After creating your account, you’re assigned a base set of non-tradeable cards to get you going, and then you’re off to the races. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s pretty easy to pick up and get the hang of playing too!

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4. Neon District

Set in a cyberpunk-themed world, Neon District has you managing a team of characters as they complete missions, engage in PVP battles – and even deliver pizza!

This earns you Neon, their in-game currency, with the difficult of the mission having various impacts – the easiest having no potential attackers, and the harder tiers increasing the potential for other players to attack you and steal your earnings, but also offering a higher reward!

Neon can then be used to purchase weapons and armour, level up your characters, add new personnel to your team and so on.

As you progress, you’ll open up new opportunities, but one of the most exhilarating is that you can earn NFT-based gear, which can be traded or sold on OpenSea.

When you get started you’ll be given one free character, 300 Neon, and 5 Juice (a level-up). It’s worth noting that once you start building an arsenal, you can convert new gear using the Matic chain for virtually no fee, allowing you to sell or trade it later on to other players. It’s a great game to play in your free time, and you can get started right away!

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5. Coin Hunt World

If you don’t want to dabble in NFTs, prefer to earn coins or currency, and also enjoy Pokémon GO-style real-world GPS gameplay, then Coin Hunt World is right up your alley. It’s available for iOS and Android devices, and getting started is both free and crazy easy.

You travel a map, or overworld, going on “Coin Hunts” to find treasure and valuables in both the virtual and real world. The Coin Hunt map will help you to find events and activities nearby if you’re not sure where to start.

First, you’ll need to collect blue or green keys by traveling to their location(s). Then, you use those keys to unlock blue or green vaults and solve the related puzzles. As you solve them, you’ll earn rewards in BTC and ETH which you can transfer to Uphold later.

To start, just download the app to your mobile device and open it up!

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Honourable Mention: OfficeLand

For 5-7 WAX, you can grab a worker NFT from AtomicHub to get started in Office Land, a quirky little sim management game where you run a virtual business – public spaces, banks arcades and more. You’ll need to choose your workspace, assign your workers, and start earning some currency!

The in-game coin is called Ocoin (Office-Coin), which you can use to purchase furniture, clothing, and other gear that is all tradable on the AtomicHub marketplace, just like the workers. Those will allow you to earn more, upgrade your business, and truly excel in OfficeLand.

If you’re a fan of Tiny Tower and Kairosoft games, such as Dungeon Village, Game Dev Story, and so on, definitely give this a go!

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The Sooner You Get Started…

The more you’ll earn! Don’t sleep on any of these games – they’re either completely free or extremely accessible for newcomers and won’t empty your wallet.

Be sure to create the respective crypto wallet for the game you’re playing, such as a WAX Cloud Wallet for OfficeLand and Alien Worlds, or a MetaMask wallet for Gods Unchained, for example.

Don’t forget the most important point – have fun!

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